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Krapp Strapp

krapp strappKeith Lindsey and Robert Legg pitch Krapp Strapp, their “number one solution for going number 2 outdoors,” in Shark Tank episode 1507. The pair are co-owners ofAir Boss Motion Decoys, a Texas based business that sells hunting decoys and gear. Their best selling online product is something called the Krapp Strapp. They started selling them in mid 2021 and the product has taken on a life of its own.

Keith, who was in product development before starting Air Boss, was looking for some lost cows in the woods when he felt “the urge.” At age 63 with a lifetime of horseback riding under his belt, his knees aren’t what they used to be. He brainstormed about a way to position yourself for relief in a light weight package. That’s when the Krapp Strapp was born.

Essentially, it’s a sling that wraps around a tree. You position yourself in the attached sling and you’re in the perfect position for a bowel movement. The item is popular with hunters, campers and workers in remote areas without bathroom facilities. It comes in a waterproof bag and sells for $49.95. All their products are made in Jacksonville, Texas. The guys sell online from their website and Amazon. They likely want a Shark’s help geting into big box retail camping and sporting goods stores. Will a Shark want to invest or will they think this is Krapp?

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The Krapp Strapp: Redefining Comfort in the Great Outdoors

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Recap

Keith and Robert enter the Shark Tank seeking $65,000 for 10% equity in their “neccessities product business.” Keith says at Air Boss Outdoors, they develop innovative solutions to age-old problems. Bob says in the outdoors, you want to relax and have a good time but the number one problem is relieving yourself in the woods. They’ve developed the number one neccessity for doing “number two” outdoors. He introduces the Krapp Strapp and the camera pans to a mannequin using the product on a tree. The Sharks howl with laughter.

Bob says it makes it comfortable “doing a duece” outdoors. Simply attach it around your waist, attach it to a strong structure like a tree and lean back and relieve yourself. The strap will hold 400 pounds. It has two pockets for toilet paper or whatever you want to put in them. If you don’t get a clean wipe it’ll itch when it dries. They came to make a deal and they ask Mark to come up and try it out. He gets in position and the Sharks all laugh. Mark says it’s comfortable.

Who’s In?

Bob says he’s 81 years old, he can bend his knees, but then he can’t get up. This isn’t their first invention. Their company started with motion duck decoys that move around in the water. The Krapp Strapp went on the market in October, 2022 with no advertising dollars spent and sold 4000 units before the end of the year on their website. They cost $49.99 and cost just $17 to make. Keith put a video out on social media and it was seen by 1.2 million people in 3 days. Keith says they want the Shark’s money for marketing and advertising. They’ve tried some of it on their own, but they wasted their money.

Bob says he wants to have some fun. Robert thinks it’s a great product, but it’s not for him; he’s out. Kevin says he was a camp counselor as a kid and he’s been bitten by mosquitoes on his bum. His new motto is he has to sleep somewhere where there’s a mint on his pillow. Kevin thinkks it’s fantastic, but he’s not their Shark; he’s out. Daymond likes it but thinks Lori would be a better partner; he wants to know if Lori is interested. She is. Mark clears the deck and goes out unless Lori and Daymond’s deal is nasty, then he’ll come back in. Lori and Daymond offer $65,000 for 35%. Bob counters with 25% and Lori goes to 33.3%. Bob and Keith accept.

Krapp Strapp Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Lori closed. The company introduced The Tinkle Strap –  a pink version of the Krapp Strapp for the ladies to do their business. As of May, 2024, there is not much other news about this company.

The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on Krapp Strapp & Keith Lindsey and Robert Legg as more details become available.