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misto box amazing coffee delivered monthlyMisto Box entrepreneurs Samantha Meis and Conor Riley pitch their coffee of the month business in Shark Tank episode 421. Just like a book of the month club, Misto Box sends off 4 new, artisan roasted coffee samples from all over the USA to your door; then you choose which one you want more of and they send you a full bag. For coffee lovers, it’s a great way to try different roasts and flavors. You can subscribe for one month, 6 months, or a full year. As long as you belong to the Misto Box club, you’ll get new coffees on your doorstep the first week of every month. Misto Box is the latest Shark Tank Kickstarter entrepreneur of season 4; they were successfully funded in April, 2012 and began operations in July 2012.

Misto Box Shark Tank Recap

Samantha and Conor enter the Shark Tank seeking $75K for a 15% share of their business. Samantha and Conor say they are revolutionizing the way people discover coffee. Each Misto Box is packaged with coffee from around the world. People order the ones they like best for delivery to their home. They have three different subscription options. They help coffee makers reach customers. They have two ways to make money: from the subscription service and from coffee sales. The company’s been in business for five months.

Mr. Wonderful offers $75K for 25% because he thinks the it’s a crapshoot. Robert doesn’t see the long-term vision; he’s out. Lori and Daymond aren’t coffee drinkers; they’re out. Mark says he isn’t all the way there yet. Mr. Wonderful gives them seconds to convince Mark to invest with them before he goes out. Mark wants more equity because he’ll need to invest a lot of time in them. Samantha and Conor offer him 30% of their company and they do a deal!

RESULT: DEAL with Mark for $75K for 30%

Misto Box Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Misto Box gets an update segment in episode 722 in season seven.

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