slumberpodMother – daughter team Lou Childs and Katy Mallory seek an investment from the Sharks for Slumberpod, their portable baby crib that gives babies privacy, in Shark Tank episode 1108. The Slumber Pod crib is like a crib/tent hybrid that provides babies a private, dark place to sleep. The Genesis of the product occurred in 2014 when Katy and her family were visiting Lou (mom) over the Christmas holidays.

Like many holiday family gatherings, Lou’s house was full and Katy, her husband and baby shared a room. Unfortunately, the baby – who usually sleeps like a baby at home – wouldn’t sleep. Katy and hubby got so sleep deprived on the visit that they left early.

The episode prompted Katy to find a portable crib that offered comfort and a dark, private space for baby while traveling. When she couldn’t find one, she retrofitted a crib with blankets. Concerned about the safety of her “homemade” crib, Katy set out to engineer her own crib. The result was Slumberpod.

To get things rolling, Katy and Lou raised $45,608 on Kickstarter back in the spring of 2018. The patent-pending SlumberPod was a success and is now available on Amazon for $155. Katy and Lou think they have a real winner on their hands. Parents with babies travel with portable cribs, why not have one that offers peace and quiet for parents and babies alike? They hope the Sharks see the wisdom of their product and invest.

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Slumber Pod Baby Privacy Tent

SlumberPod Shark Tank Recap

Lou and Katy enter seeking $400,000 for 20% of the business. They explain the company and impress the Sharks with their $556,000 in sales since starting the business. The Sharks also like that the company is profitable and debt free. Lou and Katy say they want a Shark to help them scale up production to keep up with demand.

Lori thinks they’re doing fine on their own, she’s out. Robert and Mark quickly follow. Kevin offers $400,000 as debt and Barbara offers $400,000 for 25%, plus a contingency that she gets a percentage of each sale until she gets her money back. After a brief bidding war, they get Barbara to agree to 20% equity and accept her deal.

SlumberPod Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. In the two months between the original air date and the first re-run of this episode, the deal with Barbara has not closed. The company has racked up sales of over 20,000 units and plans on developing new products in the future. They’re also exploring getting into more retail stores and expanding their Amazon sales.

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