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Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 4

surfset fitnessSurfset Fitness entrepreneur Mike Hartwick is a former professional hockey player who spent his off season time surfing the California coast. Mike trained hard during the season, but he liked the fitness aspect of his off season surfing “regimen” so much, that he teamed up with fitness and nutrition expert, Sarah Ponn, to bring the conditioning benefits of surfing to the masses with the RipSurferX by Surfset Fitness. RipSurferX is a surfboard-like piece of exercise equipment that gives users all the conditioning benefits of surfing without the need for an ocean. In addition to selling the RipSurferX, Surfset Fitness seeks to certify instructors who can teach group fitness classes featuring surfing as conditioning. Unlike most surfers, Hartwick and Ponn hoped to attract Sharks to invest in Surfset Fitness.

Surfset Fitness Pitches Sharks: Recap

Hartwick and Ponn entered the Shark Tank seeking $150k for a 10% share in Surfset Fitness. Pro surfer Lakey Peterson demonstrated the RipSurferX; Robert was so intrigued by the concept, he got on the board and tried it out! Ponn and Hartwick ran surfing exercise classes in the four months prior to taping and earned a tidy $150K. Response to their program has been overwhelming as the pair claims over 200 people have inquired about franchising! Surfset wants to embark on a nationwide certification drive with the goal of having certified instructors in every major city.

Mark loves the idea and thinks Surfset should hire pro surfers as their certification trainers. He offers $300K for 33% of the business. Robert likes Surfset too and offers $100K for 20%. Daymond wants in and offers $150K for 25% plus  an unlimited manufacturing deal for the RipSurferX boards. Kevin then asks to come in on the deal with Daymond. Barbara tells Ponn and Hartwick that Mark is the best partner on this deal and offers to join him on his offer. If there were this many sharks circling around a real surfer, this would be a dangerous situation!

Mark doesn’t want a partner on this deal and he likes the fact that Mike has a finance background; so Barbara is out. The famous “24 second shot clock” comes into play as Ponn and Hartwick decide whether to go with Kevin and Daymond, Robert, or Mark. When Cuban drops his stake to 30%, the Surfset Fitness entrepreneurs seal the deal.

Surfset Fitness Shark Tank Update

Immediately after the show’s original air date on September 21, 2012, the Surfset crew went on a  24-city nationwide tour to certify trainers and introduce the RipSurferX to fitness aficionados everywhere. Surfset partnered with some big-time companies on their tour, including UnderArmour, Garnier Fructis, and Qboda Mexican Grill. As of the end of 2012, Surfset Fitness boasted 29 cities with RipSurferX certified trainers. A Shark Tank Update features Surfset in episode 420. In the update, Mark joins in on a fitness class.

The business carried on for a number of years. While updating this page in July, 2021, the website was down. Mike Hartwick’s LinkedIn page says he left the company in February, 2021. Sarah Ponn’s LinkedIn page says she is still involved with the company as of November, 2022. Her page also says they have “350 licensed SURFSET locations in more than 32 countries.” They apparently changed their web address when I wasn’t looking! As of April, 2024, annual revenue is $8 million.

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