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Hydromax Shark Tank Pitch Wins Foxworthy

Hydromax’s Chris Spencer gave a genuinely wonderful Shark Tank pitch and Jeff Foxworthy made the deal. Foxworthy is passionate about children and being able to save lives gave him every reason to do this deal.

The company looks very real online, giving quality content and easy access to purchase the one size fits all system. The slogan, “Play hard. Drink easy” Is clear and to the point.

According to the Hydromax online site, professional football players from the Sand Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys are using the Hydromax System. In addition to the pro players and college and grammar school players are also using the product. Even Snoop Dog’s Youth Football League uses the system.

In addition to the above, the product was used in the Hula Bowl and has been featured on several TV shows besides Shark Tank. Shows include ESPN Hollywood,  Made in the USA, Fox26 News and ABC13 News.

Hopefully, Spencer and his partners will be taking the product to other sports like mountain biking, endure motocross and even for runners.

The system retails at $49.99 and handles 32 ounces of liquid.

No longer will hydration be a problem when football players use the Hydromax system.

I think Foxworthy bought into a product that has tremendous potential but needs a stronger marketing team. Surely Foxworthy is prepared to take this to the next level as Chris Spencer isn’t as big of a risk taker as he needs to be.

I understand why he put this business on the backburner, but when you can knock out 100k in sales, and your cost is less than 25% of that, it’s time to get busy and grow the company. You have to be willing to take that calculated risk.

That’s got to be the strongest reason that every other Shark was out.

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