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Liquid Gold by Victory Coffee

liquid goldNavy Seal sniper, TV Personality and motivational speaker Cade Courtley calls his Victory Coffee “liquid gold.” He developed a passion for a good cup of coffee when he was a Seal. He says it was the one thing that kept him grounded while in combat areas.

He developed his business after leaving the service to bring quality, liquid gold coffee to the masses. Victory sells coffee in a subscription box model and claims to have some seriously good flavor. A cup of coffee a day costs about a dollar and comes either in ground, whole bean, or Keurig style.

Cade’s military background is evident in both his branding and his business. The website and logos feature military themes, including a Rosie the Riveter style logo. He also hires veterans and wants to build a network of veteran brand ambassadors who’ll sell the liquid gold direct in their own communities. He likely wants a Shark to help fuel growth.

My Take on Liquid Gold by Victory

I drink coffee every day, but I don’t even own a coffee maker! I am a classic “Dunkie Junkie” and my day isn’t complete without my extra large Caramel Swirl from Dunkin Donuts. Before I moved to Florida, I used to have afternoon coffee with my sister-in-law who was always brewing up exotic flavors. SHE would be a good customer for Victory.

When I have coffee other than Dunkins, I want good coffee. I won’t drink instant and I like exotic flavors. If I ever get a coffee maker, I’d try Victory. Until then, I’m afraid I’m out.

Do Sharks Sense Victory?

There are a lot of subscription coffee boxes out there. Mark Cuban invested in Misto Box back in season four, so he probably won’t bid since it would present a conflict of interest. The other Sharks like coffee and if the stuff tastes as good as Courtley says it does, he could perk up some interest.

The key, as always will be valuation. While the coffee may be liquid gold, the Sharks want to invest in a business that returns the real thing.

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  1. I’m thinking of buying this coffee just to support a veteran of this country. I hope he does well and will do my best to help. I think Mark Cuban’s political stance had him turned off from the beginning. I don’t think he would have given him a fair chance anyway. I used to be impressed with Mark Cuban until he made his politics well known. Also, somebody mentioned Starbucks and I have had nothing to do with Starbucks since they didn’t support our troops way back when and I still don’t support them even if they changed their stance. I will always do my best to support this country.

    • Richard Meinz says

      I’m with you Laura. Mark Cuban’s politics have to make you wonder about the guys judgement. Totally turned me off.

  2. Leta Hagens says

    I, too used to love Mark Cuban…..used to……not now! His remarks , trying to influence the election, were a BIG turnoff for me! I used to watch Shark Tanks religiously, but no longer!

  3. Don’t buy this coffee it isn’t that good. Black rifle coffee company is a 100 times better, cheaper and they have more flavors.

  4. This coffee will take you to the bank. It’s not bad, but at $30 per 1.5 LB and 6.00 shipping, it’s not a good value for your money. That equals $36 per month. The 1.5 pound only lasted 3 weeks in my fully automatic espresso maker. I think a comparable product for much less is Blue McCaw. Not veteran owned but a great product none the less. I also had trouble using the coupons for Victory. I ended up talking with Cade himself (I thought it was a customer service agent). He told me to “go back to Starbucks” in one note and in the other, “Life is too short. You are a WAY pain in the ass.” Being a veteran does not automatically make someone a person a quality character.

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