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Matt Franklin Posture Now Update

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Matt Franklin, co-founder of PostureNow, is a hard guy to pin down. I have been chasing him for an interview for months, but he’s been too busy. Matt and Mike are currently touring factories in China to get some other products off the ground.  Matt Franklin and I exchanged emails and he gave me an update on their progress.

Matt Franklin is finally Jobless

Mike Lane made a big deal about quitting his job on national TV when their episode aired. Matt says, “Mike quit right after we got home from shooting the episode, and I’ve officially retired from my job.” Posture Now is a full-time venture for both of them now! They are living the dream.

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Posture Now and The Shark Tank Effect

Posture Now was an instant success after appearing on Shark Tank. Matt says, “the ‘Shark Tank Effect’ is a real thing. By the end of the weekend after we first aired we’d sold six figures worth of product. We’ve had discussions with major retailers and we’re working on expanding our product line. We’ve made more money since the airing of the show than we had in almost three years that we’d been selling PostureNOW. We’ve had inquiries from 7 countries seeking distribution agreements and opportunities continue to roll in. It’s a challenging process (and a long shot) getting on the show, but if you can get on, it’s WELL worth it.”

Their episode re-runs on March 15, but Matt Franklin and Mike Lane won’t be here to watch. “We’re heading out to  Hong Kong to meet with  our manufacturer, then we’re going to go into mainland China to visit the  factory, then tour some other factories for some other products we’re coming  out with.”

Whatever other products these two have cooking, if even one of them is half as successful as Posture Now, they’ll be (even more) rich!

Matt Franklin promised to get in touch when they return to the states. He left me with this: “We’ve had  an amazing run of  incredible sales since the  show  aired  and it’s still hard  to believe how great the  response has  been.”

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