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Ryan Cowboy Ehmann

ryan cowboy ehmann

Ryan Cowboy Ehmann knows adversity. He claims he went from living in a trailer, having $67,000 in debt and suffering chronic back pain to winning a Nationally Televised Rodeo, shredding his abs, and selling over $1 million worth of his weight loss program in about 2 years. It’s quite a motivational story and he’ll tell that story in episode 417 to the panel of Sharks.

Ryan Cowboy Ehmann Lose 12 Inches

Ryan Cowboy Ehmann is best known as the “Lose 12 Inches Guy.” He developed a product called Lose 12 Inches with 12 Workouts that shows people how to trim belly fat. Coupled with his Cowboy Fit Zone and Rodeo Abs courses, Ryan’s mission in life is to help people get and stay fit. He has a variety of websites where he sells his programs.

While researching Ryan Cowboy Ehmann, I found him to be a very sincere and energetic guy. He expresses a lot of enthusiasm for his work and genuine concern for his clients and customers. He runs a Firm Body Boot Camp out of a gym in Loveland, CO where he teaches his Cowboy Fit Zone methods. When he gets excited, he’ll holler out his signature tag-line “Wooo Hoooo … THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”

Like many weight loss courses and methodologies, Ehmann’s programs are based on good nutrition and proper exercises for specific results. His “Cowboy Fit Zone” is merely a new way of describing exercise in the proper heart rate zone. With exercise and nutrition, there isn’t much new under the sun. People who are successful in packaging exercise programs usually succeed with their personality and marketing prowess. Ryan Cowboy Ehmann has plenty of both, and the rock hard abs to advertise his program’s effectiveness.

Will the Sharks Lose 12 Inches with Ryan Cowboy Ehmann?

The weight loss/fitness industry is a $60 BILLION business. That’s a big number that the Sharks will surely be familiar with. While it is a lucrative market, Ryan Cowboy Ehmann will need to show the Sharks he’s capable of grabbing his share. Over $1 million in sales out to pique their interest, and his big, raucous personality will demonstrate his passion and salesmanship.

The Sharks have invested in exercise and fitness products before. Daymond’s famous hallway tear fest with Billy Blanks Jr in season three comes to mind, as does episode 420’s update segment on Surfset Fitness. The Sharks have shown they aren’t afraid to plunk down an investment on fitness companies.

The one problem Ehmann may encounter is a lack of focus. His web presence for his various products is somewhat disjointed. He’s got half a dozen websites in various stages of construction. Many consumers might find the lack of a single, focused, branded site confusing. This pitch will come down to the numbers and Ehmann’s credibility to the Sharks. I’m not sure they’ll invest, but with over $1 million in sales, I’m “IN.” Regardless of the outcome, Shark Tank fans everywhere will be saying “Wooo Hoooo … THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!”

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  1. WOOHOO!! That’s what I’m talking about!

  2. thinnest winner bs show paricipant says

    …maybe they will realize he has no follow through, doesn’t honor contest winners , keeps changing company name , jacks with memberships making them unusable… Hopefully the sharks are smarter than believing his bs

    • Shark tank is right says

      perhaps the show should be called snake in the grass and not shark tank for this episode

  3. This guy is the real deal – woo hoo now that’s what I’m talking about Shark Fans. Lets see if Mr Wonderful and the other sharks want to make some money.

  4. Ryan is not only one of my very close friends, he is also one of the most dedicated, encouraging, caring, weight loss EXPERTS I have ever met. You hit the nail on the head when you said he was sincere and enthusiastic. I knew as soon as I met him, he’d be known around the world someday. He knows how to motivate, and provides fitness and diet education for everyone from gym junkies to couch potatoes. I tell everyone I know who is looking to shed pounds and get in shape to go and see Ryan. If he can’t help you, nobody can. He also has a huge heart. I’ve seen him give away free training, take those who could not afford it on trips to Montana for his fitness camp, and offer to give away gym equiptment for free just to help someone out. There are alot of gimics out there just trying to scam you for your money. Ryan actually cares about his clients, and has contiuously gone the extra miles to ensure theh meet thier goals. I’m so excited to see Ryan on Sharktank, and hope the country sees what so many of us see at home in Colorado.

  5. Congratulations Ryan!! No one has worked harder than you have! Proud of you and praying for your success!

  6. Really, to the negative comment people. Did you follow his program as laid out. I did, I loved my 2x a week workouts at Ryans gym in Loveland, Co. And, I wish I would have followed it closer because in 12 weeks I lost 10 1/2″ and could have lost more had I more closely paid attention to my diet. Ryan and his staff were motivating and always concerned about the client and their satisfaction with the program. You really have to be blind to not see that Ryan was trying to build his business. Betting the negative people took advantage of his specials and wanted more, but the man has to make a living, at some point you have to pay the regular and fair price for the services received. I sure hope the sharks see Ryan’s commitment to his industry and bettering the lives of all through exercise. THAT”S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!! Wishing you the best Ryan!!

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