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The PickUp Bricks Revolution

pickup bricksPickUp Bricks inventor Aurora Weinstock was tired of the excruciating pain of stepping on Lego bricks scattered around her home. Well, she’s not alone! Aurora and Steve Weinstock, the brother and sister in law team behind Pick Up Bricks, have revolutionized the way we clean up small toys with the world’s first kid-safe vacuum. No more Lego imprints on your feet, no more agonizing pain – just a quick and efficient solution to the never-ending Lego mess.

The Painful Inspiration Behind PickUp Bricks

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely experienced the agony of stepping on a stray Lego brick. Aurora and Steve Weinstock were all too familiar with this pain, having faced countless foot injuries and contributing way too many quarters to the swear jar. Commiserating with friends and fellow parents, they realized they were not alone in their Lego-related woes. Thus, the idea of a vacuum specifically designed to clean up tiny toys was born.

From Idea to Innovation

The journey from that “aha” moment to the creation of PickUp Bricks took four years of dedication and hard work. Aurora started by tinkering with early prototypes, conducting extensive research, and involving her own kids in the testing process. The result is a $99 machine that sorts debris and toys into different areas, making clean-up after playtime a breeze.

Kid-Safe and Parent-Approved

PickUp Bricks isn’t just for kids – parents and adult Lego enthusiasts are raving about it too! The vacuum is fast, fun, and easy to use, making the clean-up process an enjoyable activity for the whole family. The machine separates dirt and dust from the toy bricks, ensuring that your toy bin stays free of dust bunnies. Say goodbye to painful encounters with stray Legos and hello to a clean and organized play area!

Meet the Minds Behind the Machine

Aurora and Steve Weinstock are the brains behind PickUp Bricks. While Aurora brings her firsthand experience as a parent dealing with the Lego chaos, Steve manages day-to-day operations, handling shipping logistics, product inventory, customer service questions, and marketing campaigns. Their collaboration has resulted in a product that has garnered immense support within the community of devoted parents, Lego enthusiasts, and even grandparents looking for a fun gift.

PickUp Bricks has transformed the way families deal with the ubiquitous Lego mess. From painful foot injuries to a quick and efficient clean-up solution, this innovative vacuum is a game-changer. If you’re tired of the constant battle with tiny toys scattered around your home, invest in PickUp Bricks – your feet will thank you, and playtime will never be the same again!

My Take on PickUp Bricks

Our family has a crap ton of LEGOS. With 5 kids, they accumulate over the years. I still have a HUGE bin of LEGOS in storage – just waiting for grandchildren to play with. I will definitely get one of these vacuums to clean up the LEGOS when those grandchildren come along.

A lot of kids have just as much fun using Pick Up Bricks as they do creating with their LEGOS. That’s an added bonus. I like the fact that it sorts dirt and dust into a separate compartment too. I am IN!

Will Sharks Like This Vacuum?

This pitch could start a feeding frenzy. Mr. Wonderful, with his toy background, will certainly be interested. He also invested in LeGlue, a temporary glue for LEGO creations. Daymond was a big competitor with Kevin for LeGlue so I expect an offer from him too. Lori could bid if she thinks it will go over big on QVC. As for Barbara and Mark, they could also be interested. I expect multiple offers.

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