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ZipIt Bedding

zipit beddingEntrepreneurs Hayley Carr and Jennifer MacDonald pitch ZipIt Bedding, a zip-on top sheet and comforter system, in episode 517 on February 28. The two moms know kids hate making their bed. They always have the sheets balled up in a lump, so they were looking to find a way to make the top sheet and comforter a single unit.  The two hit it off and Smart Bedding was born.

ZipIt Bedding is a sheet and comforter combo. The sheet zips to the comforter to make one, seamless bed cover – kind of like a sleeping bag. It gives you the extra layer and cleanliness of a sheet without the hassle of dealing with a bunched up top sheet every time you make your bed. The average bed takes about a minute and a half to make; with ZipIt Bedding, you can do it in two or three seconds.

ZipIt comes in twin and full sizes now. There are plans for queen, king, and California king sizes in the future. Each 3 piece set comes with a comforter, pillow case, and fitted sheet. The twin set will set you back $55, the full size set is $65.

Hayley and Jennifer probably need a Shark to help them with big box distribution.

ZipIt Bedding Shark Tank Recap

When Hayley and Jennifer come to the Shark Tank, they’re seeking an investment of $75,000 in return for 20% of the company. They demonstrate how the comforter is zipped to the fitted sheet. The pair has come up with several versions, to fit bunk beds and other applications.

The patent is pending. They’ve sold 1,000 sets so far, using a 3 minute television spot, and made $7,500, but with expenses took a loss. They have interest from a major bedding supplier on licensing the product. The contract would include a 50,000 minimum order, with 4% on US sales, and 6% on international. The pair met with the company, but when the contract would not have gotten the bedding on the shelves until summer, and the sisters wanted the product in stores by Christmas. They turned down the contract.

Who’s In?

The Sharks question the wisdom of turning down the contract. Kevin O’Leary calls himself “the King of licensing.” Since the ladies have turned down a licensing contract, he’s out.

Robert Herjavec feels the ladies have a very clear vision for their marketing, and he’s not sure he agrees with their vision. He doesn’t feel he’s the right person for ZipIt, and he’s out.

Barbara Corcoran thinks that the ladies are passionate about their product, but that they don’t have a clear business plan. She’s out.

Mark Cuban doesn’t believe they’re “open-minded.” He doesn’t believe they can work together, and he’s out.

Lori Greiner is the only Shark standing. She believes that they’ve focused on the wrong angle. She doesn’t believe that DRTV and a commercial campaign is the way to go. The ladies want to “do both,” using the television and commercial spots to “build brand recognition.” Since Lori believes that they would have been better off to take the licensing deal and get into major retailers instead, she’s out.

The sisters leave the Tank without a Shark deal.

ZipIt Bedding Shark Tank Update

Although the Sharks didn’t believe in the marketing, the ladies went forward with their plan. The website is still up in 2015, and the sales seem strong, but the reviews on at least one site reveal that some customers never received their orders. Is ZipIt coming apart at the seams, or will the ladies continue to build success from their bedding line? Only time will tell.

They did get the product into Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and Wal Mart. As of May, 2022, they’re only still in Wal Mart and Amazon. Annual revenue is $3 million.

As of July, 2022, the website is down as is the company social media. It looks like the journey has ended for ZipIt.

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  1. John Wright says

    Ordered 2 twin sets on Feb. 26, 2015. Have received nothing, including answers to my e-mail inquiries. Tried calling their customer service number on the website yesterday, and it has been disconnected. Where do I go from here?

  2. Darlene Goodman says

    I orders 2 sets Mar 1, 2015. I have tried to contact the customer service number and it is disconnected also. What is going on with this company???

  3. sarah williamd says

    Hahaaaa i just watched the sharks get this one sooooo wrong!!!!!!

  4. Mary Hargrafen says

    Why can’t I find this product anywhere. Are they out of business?

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