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Butt Slimming Pants – Hold Your Haunches

Butt Slimming Shapewear - Hold Your HaunchesHold Your Haunches Shark Tank fans, Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer pitch their butt slimming pants in Shark Tank episode 519, and their pitch is sure to have some fireworks! The two ladies are friends and walking partners. Back in 2010, they were commiserating about the shape of their posteriors and the lack of a quality pair of pants that smoothed things over in the rear.

After searching high and low for butt slimming pants that met their exacting specifications, they decided to make their own and their business, Hold Your Haunches, was born. A local friend, who’s also a seamstress, helped them come up with the design. Their butt slimming pants look kind of like yoga pants, but they have an interior, support layer that smooths, shapes and lifts, making the bum more appealing!

Hold Your Haunches promises to “improve your bottom line.” With lines like this in their marketing materials, it’s obvious the two women have quite a sense of humor about their product and aren’t above using sex appeal and double entendre to get their message out; that’s probably why I like them!

Make Take on Butt Slimming Pants

I’ll be perfectly frank, I am a BIG FAN of the female posterior! Whether you want to call me a “cheeky bum looker” or an “ass man,” a shapely derriere on a woman always catches my attention. A shapely backside has been known to cause car accidents. Whether that shape comes from nature or butt slimming pants doesn’t really matter.

Even though I wouldn’t personally use this product, I am a strong advocate, due to my personal tastes. I also like how Erin and Jenny approach their business with tongue firmly in cheek. I almost died when I watched the video instructing women how to put the Hold Your Haunches pants on. The matter of fact way they tell women to make sure they’re “snug around your sugar dish” had my wife and I howling with laughter.

To be perfectly honest, Erin and Jenny don’t look like they need to improve their bottom line, unless they’re talking about their business. While they aren’t shaking their bums in any marketing materials, they both appear quite svelte and shapely. Vanity, thy name is “woman!” Seriously though, women need to like this product, not me. I like the “end results,” but I’m not a customer.

Do Sharks Like Nice Bums?

Hold Your Haunches is my “dark horse” candidate for the business that starts the gender based Shark fight. The reason I say this is from the ABC promo; Lori appears to challenge the guys about “women’s products.” It could be editing, but if Robert, Kevin, and Mark like nice bums as much as I do, they could team up and make an offer. It’s too bad Daymond isn’t on this episode – he could be a big asset to Hold Your Haunches.

Gender based battles aside, Kevin, Robert and Mark don’t seem suited to this kind of business. The price point is too high for Lori, but she could help them get those prices down with her expertise. Barbara will get the need for butt slimming pants, so she might make an offer. I have a gut feeling this is going to be a wild segment. The question is, will Hold Your Haunches leave the Tank empty-handed or with a fistful of Shark booty?


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  1. Derrie Ann Cordeiro says

    I was so excited to see the Hold Your Haunches presentation on Shark Tank. Finally, a pant that looks good and looks comfortable. I am so disappointed to learn they cost so much! $139? Wow. That’s out of my budget, unfortunately. I wish the girls well with their enterprise, and hope that someday they can afford to bring the price down. Until then, I will have to admire these great pants from afar! 🙁

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