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Shark Tank Gift Box from CNBC

This is a picture of a Shark Tank Gift Box I just got in the mail. One of the cool things about writing the Shark Tank Blog is people, like the good folks at CNBC, send me goodies. They promised me a Shark Tank gift box so I could help them promote #SharkTankTuesdays on CNBC. […]

Toygaroo Bankruptcy Update from Former CTO

Toygaroo made Shark Tank news last month when it was learned the parent company, Hutch Toygaroo, LLC  filed for bankruptcy.  In perhaps the most public Shark Tank failure to date, Toygaroo filed Chapter 7 on April 6, 2012- barely a year after being funded by Mark Cuban. Nikki Pope was the face of Toygaroo in […]

Toygaroo Bankruptcy

Toygaroo got a lot of buzz after being funded in season two of the Shark Tank. Last week, the episode featuring Toygaroo was repeated on Saturday night, so there was increased interest in the company here on the SharkTankBlog. While researching for a follow-up post, I came across some puzzling things. I noticed Toygaroo’s Facebook, […]

First Defense had Sharks Fighting

  The Shark Tank can be a very scary place to be for an entrepreneur. Whether Joe Moore was afraid or not when he entered the Shark Tank, he left with a smile on his face and the satisfaction of knowing he got the biggest offer in Shark Tank history. Joe was seeking $500,000 for […]