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Drinking Game Goes 2.0

Shark Tank Drinking Game 2.0

Last month, I predicted the Shark Tank Drinking Game could become a cultural phenomena, and I was right! There are many Shark Tank fans spending their Friday nights getting loose with this fun new drinking game that is taking the Nation by storm.

Mark Cuban provided the seed idea for the Shark Tank Drinking Game with a “tweet” saying everyone needed to drink whenever Daymond went “out.”  I amped it up a bit on the original Shark Tank Drinking Game post. People have been emailing me and tweeting me with suggestions for tweaking the game and I recently got a FANTASTIC suggestion in the comments.I am posting the revised rules here.

Shark Tank Drinking Game 2.0 Rules

Anytime any Shark goes “out” – drink
Anytime a Shark goes “back in” – drink
Anytime someone calls Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” – drink
Anytime Daymond sits up straight or adjusts his seating position – drink
Anytime Barbara mentions her friend with ‘As Seen on TV’ – drink
Anytime Robert mentions his dogs or his children – drink
Anytime Mark uses his “24 second shot clock timer” – drink
Anytime Lori says “queen” “girls” “women” or “gals” – drink
Anytime ANY Shark or contestant cries-drink

**Anytime ALL of the Sharks say (in unison) “WHOA!” to something outrageous – drink

***BONUS: Each player selects a Shark BEFORE an episode starts. If that player’s chosen shark gets out of their chair to demo a product or “take a closer look” they must finish their drink.

***BONUS: Each player selects a Shark BEFORE an episode starts. If that player’s chosen shark says “patent,” they must finish their drink. Whoever draws Mark Cuban should have extra beverages on hand.

Play this game with family and friends while watching The Shark Tank, it will surely liven up your viewing party!

Feel free to add your own rules, after all, this is supposed to be fun! Do share your new twists on this game in the comments section.

Remember, please be safe. Drink responsibly and NEVER get behind the wheel of a car if you have been consuming alcohol. Use a designated driver, you want to be able to play the Shark Tank Drinking Game again next week!

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