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The Kooler inside a Cooler

koolerPowerlifting legend Stan Efferding’s Kooler is more than “just another cooler,” it’s three coolers in one. Efferding is considered the world’s strongest body builder and he’s one of the top five wealthiest body builders today. He’s no stranger to public speaking as he conducts talks on nutrition and health all over the country. Over the years, Mr. Efferding involved himself with several other entrepreneurial ventures.

The Kooler didn’t get much play on Kickstarter a few years ago as the campaign only raised $75. Despite that, he managed to produce and sell the product. The Kooler is a cylindrical cooler that holds about a gallon of liquid. The hook is there are two smaller, bottle sized coolers that nest inside. This allows an athlete to tote water, a protein shake, and anything else in one, easy to carry container.

Efferding plans on performing some feats of strength in the Shark Tank to demonstrate his abilities, but the product needs to be powerful, too. He likely wants a Shark’s help with distribution as he’s only in a handful of gyms now; the product also sells on Amazon. Efferding may be a strong guy, but the strength of the Sharks is what he really wants.

My Take on the Kooler

I was never a fan of coolers that held liquid. They get gooky over time and aren’t easy to clean. I prefer a standard cooler with individual drinks inside. I know a lot of people use this kind of cooler, but it isn’t something I’d be interested in.

The other thing about the Kooler is the bottles inside. It seems a tad cumbersome – I think it’s just as easy to carry a lunchbox sized cooler with individual drinks inside. I may be missing something because I’m not one to drink Muscle Milk or protein shakes, but I guess I’m just a leopard who won’t change his spots.

Will Sharks Think this is Kool?

The segment looks entertaining. Efferding invites Daymond and Robert onstage to lift a HUGE barbell set (something he can probably twirl in his hands). While the Sharks will be impressed by Efferding’s strength, they’ll want to know how strong the business is. This could be a classic “it’s a product, not a business” pitch.

Coolers are hot now. With products like the Yeti selling like crazy, it must be hard to break through with a new cooler concept. Even though Efferding sells Rhino Wear fitness programs on his Kooler site (at $500-$1500 a pop), he doesn’t really have another product. Unless sales are spectacular, I think he leaves without a deal.

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  1. Sally Kucharczyk says

    Every swimmer in the world from 10 all the way to Master swimmers drink three drinks per work out. One pre- one post and most at the end of the lane line drink BCAA’s during. I can tell you team sales in college swimming at all levels, high school and USA swimming. Tri-Athletes are the same, marathon runners, any endurance athlete and they don’t have to be at the elite level would love this.

  2. Jim pfeiffer says

    I see he now has a Shark partner..good for them both.

    Idea to share…make it for healthy eating for all youth sports…let parents use the internal cylinder to hold fresh fruits etc..and they can stay fresh and cold….all day in the heat…

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