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Screen Mend Screen Repair Kit

Screen mendScreen Mend is a family business pitched by Brian, Lily, and Emma Hooks in episode 507. Lily claims to be the brains of the operation since she’s credited with inventing ScreenMend. One day while cleaning up their screen porch in their home, Brian noticed a screen patch had failed; the glue had given up – it wasn’t sticking anymore.  Lily, just 9 years old at the time,  was scraping candle wax off a table. She remarked that they should try using wax, since it was sticking very well.

It was one of those “AHA moments” that comes along and makes other people say, “why didn’t I think of that?” Basically, screen mend is a small piece of screen with some wax to fasten it to the area around a hole in the screen. Simply heat the wax up with a hair dryer, press the screen patch into place, and VOILA – you have a permanent patch. The original Screen Mend patch has stayed in place for nearly three years.

My Take on Screen Mend

Mosquitoes are a big nuisance in the summer in my neck of the woods. Holes in screens give them a free pass into living space. I’ve used patches where you sew a piece of screen over a hole and I’ve used the glue kind found in hardware stores. The idea of using wax is sheer genius. (Why didn’t I think of that?)

This is a simple, utilitarian product that every homeowner will need at some point. ScreenMend is not too expensive either, so it’s not anything I’d lose sleep over buying. I can see this product in every home improvement and hardware store in the USA. It’s a must-have item to have around the house. I think Screen Mend is a winner!

Will the Sharks Patch up a Deal?

This is a product that could have all five Sharks circling and making offers. It has TV appeal, so Lori could be an aggressive player. It’s a classic TV product: it serves a purpose, has broad appeal, and it has a low price. Expect Mr. Wonderful to float some sort of royalty offer. The other Sharks will want to play too. If the Sharks can’t see that Screen Mend could sell millions of units, they might want to swim in clearer waters. The product is already selling at a brisk clip on Amazon. As long as the patent protections are in place, expect multiple offers for Screen Mend. I am “IN” too!

*****SPOILER ALERT******

The season 5 promo video shows the Hooks family leaving the Shark Tank and one of the girls does a cartwheel. This leads me to believe they get a deal. Nobody does cartwheels if they don’t!

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  1. Pam Krueger says

    I am trying to find screen mend. Amazon is out and does not know if will get again and Liwes doesn’t have it. Where can I buy screen mend?

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