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Shark Books Contest

ONCE AGAIN, WE ARE GIVING AWAY SOME SHARK BOOKS!shark booksShark Tank Blog’s LAST CONTEST for season six features four Shark Books written by the Sharks themselves. Past contest winners have actually gone on to appear on the show! Whether you are an entrepreneur or just a fan of Shark Tank, the Shark books are chock full of valuable advice and insights.

The contest is sponsored by the good folks at Purchase Order Financing, the company that helps get entrepreneurs the financing to produce big orders. If you have a product you need to manufacture to fill an order for a big store, they can probably help you out, WITHOUT giving up equity in your business (like you’d have to do with the Sharks).

In order to be eligible for this contest, you need to sign up for our newsletter. Once you do that, you’ll get inside news on what’s happening on the Shark Tank Blog and you’ll be automatically entered into EVERY CONTEST we run. Sometimes we give away Shark Tank Products, sometimes books, sometimes we have coupons for discounts on Shark Tank items, too. Just fill out this form and you are IN!

What Shark Books are Included?

For this contest, we’re giving away 4 Shark books. They are:

Whether you win or not, you ought to read the ALL the Shark books, especially if you plan to be on Shark Tank! Nearly every entrepreneur who appears on the show reads all the Shark books to get to know the Sharks and their tendencies.

We’ll draw the winner Friday, May 22.

Wouldn’t it be nice to WIN?!?!?!

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  1. Anthony Tulino says

    I am in and I watch and love your show.

  2. Becky Lucid says

    I’m already a subscriber so am I still eligible to enter this contest?

  3. Nance L. Kruh-Meyer says

    I love shark tank and your newsletter!!

  4. I’m in

  5. Dick Fisher says

    I’m already a subscriber; am I in for the contests?

  6. “I’m in”

  7. I’m IN!!

  8. I’ve really been wanting to read Kevin’s book. 🙂

  9. Hey Rob, I’m in.

  10. I’M IN! Love Shark Tank!!

  11. Frank Tan says

    Count me in for the books. 🙂

  12. Great show! I am in!!!

  13. Phyllis Johnson says

    AVID follower! Maybe some day!

  14. Comment. 🙂

  15. Ron Ablang says

    My wife would love these.

  16. Love the show!!!!

  17. I’m in, Rob!! 🙂

  18. Michael Lamont says

    Never miss an episode of ‘Shark Tank’ ! Thanks for the opportunity to with these books !

  19. Kathy Bianco says

    Love Shark Tank and I’d definitely read these books!

  20. Randy Brooks says

    Love the show!

  21. Kathryn Hyatt says

    I’m in! Would love these

  22. I would love to win these books.

  23. Vivienne says

    I’m definitely in!!

  24. Krista Schwabe says

    I’m definitely in!! Shark Tank is one of my family’s favorite shows, we watch reruns, to get more tips, analyze the episodes, etc. We’ve purchased a few items (Wicked Good Cupcakes and Mango Mango, which didn’t get a deal but I love it!) We’re training our cat on Citikitty!

  25. Shark tank always entertaining.

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  27. Already a subscriber – love the show and all the sharks!!

  28. Sign me up I am in. So fun to watch.

  29. Awesome Show! I’M IN!

  30. Herb Milstein says

    Great program. Always surprised at some of the deals they accept.

  31. Jan Albanese says

    What I could learn with these …. Would appreciate them.

  32. Forgot to say, Every time I watch, I learn something new.

  33. LuAnne Lally says

    I love the show! It’s great to see entrepreneurs get the chance to further their business “idea”, while at times, creating jobs in their community and beyond. Being a dual-business owner, I understand the determination it takes to build a business from the ground up. Shark Tank gives them an fantastic opportunity!!!!


  35. I’m in for the book drawing. Thanks for your work and dedication to the future of our businesses, and this country!

  36. Marianne says

    Awesome, please enter me

  37. Thanks for all you do to keep us up to date on this great show.

  38. Great giveaway. Thank you. I’m In.

  39. posting a comment for the contest, IM IN

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