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Shark Tank Loves Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky – Still Out

Ken, from Uncle Zip’s Beef Jerky didn’t stand a chance with the Sharks. He’s just a likeable guy that has a passion for this business and pitched his product all wrong. Even so, the Sharks loved him without investing in him. They told him he has a nice business that he can do well in, but he doesn’t need the Sharks.

Ken comes off as having a struggle of loving a hobby business too much or becoming a real entrepreneur. I believe he’s a real entrepreneur that’s learning the ropes. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true. That kind of passion is hard to find, and hard to beat!

His biggest problem he has is the shelf life of his Beef Jerky. What makes it so good, keeps it from being in stores everywhere.

Most large chains don’t buy from individual companies like Ken’s. They buy from Representatives who Inventory product in Warehouses. His product wouldn’t last in the warehouse waiting to get to market.

Ken’s answer is to place manufacturing facilities in different locations around the country, but he doesn’t understand the cost associated with scaling his business. This is common for first time entrepreneurs.

Ken knows he has a great product, he just doesn’t know how to make a ton of money from the product, like the Sharks expect to make.  That doesn’t mean he won’t figure it out, I believe he will.

Ken should consider pitching his product as a small working shop in amusement parks, Branson and such. These are places that command premium prices and a working boutique shop could be entertaining as well.

Ken also recently launched his website, which has a great foundation for his business. I love the look, but it needs some help to sell the sizzle. He’s pitching fundraising, online ordering and the story all at once.

Ken needs to make it easier to “taste” and buy the product quickly, before he loses his customer.

Overall, I love Ken’s story. I think this has tremendous potential, now he needs to pull it all together and make a real business out of it. Ken’s a smart guy. He knows when to play dumb, he knows when to follow his heart and he’s knows how to ask questions.

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