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Ride On Carry On Entrepreneurs Connect with Shark Tank!

Ride On Carry ONEntrepreneurs, Ride On Carry On, offers a very unique product that helps parents with young children in airports. They have designed a chair with table that mounts on almost any piece of luggage.

The Ride On Carry On idea came from Randy Lenz, a flight attendant turned entrepreneur who visualized a solution to an opportunity that she witnessed daily. This idea was pitched to the Sharks on Shark Tank and they bit.

After watching the presentation, my only concern would be safety, as the chairs seem quite exposed, but Darryl Lenz, Randy’s business partner and husband, claims that they have had no complaints at all. Maybe I’m a little to cautious in this area?

The idea is simple, innovative and unique. That’s what I like best and I think it has tremendous potential. It will be interesting to watch them as they move forward from here.

The pitch was very entertaining. They quickly tamed the Sharks with humor, targeting Jeff Foxworthy for his first appearance and relating to the Red Neck comedy he does.

Darryl’s partner and husband Randy was falling over himself as he attempted to carry a doll with several pieces of luggage. He made their case visually.

It’s clear that the entrepreneurs know their product well and they have visions of taking it to the retail market which turned off some of the Sharks to the deal. Still, Barbara jumped on the opportunity and offered them exactly what they were asking for as long as they put the logo on the tray.

Kevin O’Leary, on the other hand, wanted to license it and offered the money they were asking for less percentage, but asked for a royalty instead.

This proves that investors are as unique as entrepreneurs. There’s always a new flavor for the day and almost anything can influence making a deal.

Ultimately, the entrepreneurs went with Barbara’s deal. I think it was smart and right for them. She will be a great partner and connect with them on their level, an important part of being an investor.

While doing this review, I visited their website. I have some recommendations for them that should prove to make a substantial impact and take very little effort to do. Here they are:

  1. Update the font making it easier to read
  2. Stick with black or dark colored text on light backgrounds
  3. Add Twitter and Facebook
  4. Include ways for people to use bookmarking and linking easily such as Digg, Facebook Like and Re-tweet buttons.

Darryl and Randy, congratulations on making a great deal! I think you have a wonderful partner…

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