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Affordable Marketing Solutions

You think Affordable Marketing Solutions don’t exist, despite having a great product. Your friends and family tell you to apply to Shark Tank, so you do, and then you get on, but The Sharks hate your deal because you have no sales. They say you have no proof your customers will buy your product.

You’re bummed because of no deal, but you got the Affordable Marketing Solution, you appeared on the show, and you’re going to ride the wave. The show airs, the website crashes and in less than a few weeks, Shark Tank fans have moved on to the next Entrepreneur. Now, you have no money, no investor and no Affordable Marketing Solution.

Affordable Marketing SolutionsAffordable Marketing Solutions Drive Profit

Another Entreprenuer reads the SharkTankBlog and learns about an Affordable Marketing Solution, called Affiliate Marketing. This Entrepreneur attends Affiliate Summit West and learns how to market their business through bloggers and online marketers. The Entrepreneur discovers he doesn’t even need an investor because most of his sales and marketing expense is directly tied to the cost of the sale. Now, this Entrepreneur gets huge exposure and sales!

Business is great, but then the call comes and now this Entrepreneur gets his chance to pitch The Sharks. He goes on stage and tells how he found this Affordable Marketing Solution, which drove his sales numbers off the chart. The Sharks are amazed and end up offering five times what the Entrepreneurs asked for half the equity he expected to give up.

The Entrepreneur learned about the Affordable Marketing Solution called Affiliate Marketing when he attended Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. He discovered bloggers and online marketers will promote their products in exchange for a commission on each sale.

The Entrepreneur discovered Affiliate Networks where thousands of bloggers and online marketers go to connect with merchants like the Entrepreneur. Now, he has significant sales reducing capital needs and proving that consumers will buy his product. Best of all, his company is now worth more, allowing him to keep more equity.

If you appeared on Shark Tank and left without a deal, or you want to get on the show, but haven’t been called, you both need an Affordable Marketing Solution. Rob and I will show you how you can use Affiliate Marketing to build your business, and we’d love to hook up with you in Las Vegas this coming January.

Follow the Affililate Summit link over to learn more about the conference, get registered and then let Rob and I know you’re coming. We will make sure we help you find the right people to help you grow your business.

We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

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