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AirBedz Preview

Get up off your ass and sell

AirBedz is a heavy duty air mattress that fits into a pick up truck bed.  In the Shark Tank, Mark Cuban told entrepreneur James Pittman he needs to “get up off his ass and sell.”

We also found tents that fit on the bed of your pick up truck. Check out the Truck Bed Tents.

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  1. I found it disturbing that everyone dropped out, except Barbara…. It was clear he had a good product, just needed some SERIOUS marketing help (isn’t that what the Shark Tank is FULL of?). It was even more disturbed he declined Barbara’s offer. He’ll never see the publicity that she could’ve provided, and he could’ve focused on coming up with all the cool accessories, or some other product. Too bad, Jim…. you blew it.

  2. I think you’ll make a million + if you add an easy tent set up above the mattress! I like your idea!

  3. There are several companies that make those kind of tents- we have linked one in the post.

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