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Beyond the Tank: Updates on Shark Tank Businesses

beyond the tankShark Tank fans are finally getting what they’ve been asking for for years: a look at what happens Beyond the Shark Tank! Each week, entrepreneurs put their businesses on the line in front of a panel of wealthy Shark investors and the drama unfolds. Successes and failures abound and the stories behind each business often go untold.

Here at the Shark Tank Blog, we catalog, critique, review, and update each business that appears on Shark Tank. In our interview section, fans get a glimpse of what happens Beyond the Shark Tank for many entrepreneurs, but there’s nothing like slick network television production to bring the stories to life.

Beyond the Shark Tank Premier

Each week, Shark Tank has an update segment on the show. In a 2-3 minute segment, fans see a tidbit of the success of a particular company that’s appeared on the show. 2-3 minutes can’t possibly tell the whole story, so the producers are digging deeper. For three weeks, beginning May 1, 2015, the new ABC series called Beyond the Tank will give a more detailed look at what happens after the handshakes in the Shark Tank. New Beyond the Tank episodes will air on May 8 and May 15 – the last show airs after the season 6 finale.

The format for season one features Sharks interacting with the entrepreneurs and shows the good, the bad, and the ugly behind each deal. The mini-series may or may not repeat in coming years – that will depend on its popularity, but I predict it will be a ratings success! Shark Tank has galvanized the interest in entrepreneurship in America and Beyond the Tank can only further the franchise’s success.

New Website?

I thought about creating a new website for Beyond the Tank but since the future of the show is up in the air after these three shows, I decided to create another page called Beyond the Tank to chronicle what happens on the show. My crack staff of writers and I will recap each show and provide insights and updates that go beyond Beyond the Tank. We’ll have interviews, links, videos, and more in-depth updates for each business appearing on the new show.

We have a list of some of the entrepreneurs that will be featured on Beyond the Tank. The list of businesses appearing includes: Lollacup, Tipsy Elves, Frill Clothing, Chord Buddy, Bantam Bagels, The Coop. Red Dress Boutique, Q Flex, Drop Stop, Scholly, CordaRoys, Mission Belt, and Wicked Good Cupcakes.

We hope you enjoy Beyond the Tank and continue to enjoy The Shark Tank Blog – the BEST independent source of Shark Tank information on the web!

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