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arberVanessa Dawson hopes to snag an investment for Arber, her line of organic plant care products, in Shark Tank episode 1522, the Season 15 Finale. Dawson only started Arber a few years ago in April, 2021. As a Harvard Business School graduate, her background is in investing and advising. She also currently serves on the National Women’s Business Council which advises Congress and the President on women’s business issues.

As for Arber, Vanessa says it’s the only “Organic Biologicals Plant Wellness company.” The products contain 100% organic ingredients and are completely non toxic. After 70 years of research, it’s become clear that plants fare better in an organic environment. Whether you want to control insects, fungus, mold or fertilize your plants, Vanessa has a product for it. She also bundles products in kits for indoor and outdoor gardens.

The products cost $25 per bottle, but they’re concentrated so you just mix them with either a half gallon or gallon of water depending on the application. Bundles are $84 for the indoor plant kit and $99 for the Organic Holistic Kit which includes 16 fl oz of each Plant Food, Bio Protectant, Bio Fungicide, Bio Insecticide, a 32 oz Spray Bottle and a 2 oz Measuring Cup. She has her products in over 4000 independent and small chain garden centers nationwide and on Amazon. She likely wants a Shark’s help geting into big box retail.

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Vanessa Dawson and Arber

Arber Shark Tank Recap

Vanessa enters the Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for 4% of her company. She tells the Sharks that gardening is one of Americ’s favorite pass-times. Over 50% of the country has a green thumb or wants one. Vanessa turned to gardening when she became a mom to relieve her stress and she began looking at the ingredients in the products she was using on her lawn and garden. She realized the entire category is full of synthetic, toxic chemicals. When her kids and pets were playing in the yard or helping with the gareden, they were being exposed to these harmful ingredients.

She needed to come up with a solution, so she founded formulations based on science from organic, natural ingredients found in nature. Arber is the world’s first plant wellness system. It’s a line of effective, organic plant care products that can be used on your lawn, vegetables, raised garden beds and your indoor plants. Her proprietary products are guarenteed to work equal to or better than common synthetic and organic options on the market. Arber makes lawn and garden care safe, simple and sustainable. She asks the Sharks who is ready to help consumers grow a better world.

Samples and Questions

The Sharks all have her best selling holistic plant care kit and a new “plant baby” to take care of. As the Sharks unpack their samples, Kevin says “is this what’s worth $8 million?” Each bottle in the box ranges from $21 to $25 MSRP. The liquids are highly concentrated and the kit will last for a year. What makes it unique is the strain of bacillus they use in their insecticide isn’t in any other products in the USA. The company is only 3 years old and they launched in 3000 Wal Marts when the company was just 4 months old. This year (2023) they got into 1700 Target stores.

2022 revenue was $2.7 million. In 2023, they’re on track to do $.5-$5 million. They are not profitable yet. Margins are 50%-53%. Wholesale to the Wal Marts of the world is $9-$10 and that’s with landed costs of $7-$10. Mark questions the margins and says it’s a rabbit hole he’s seen so many entrepreneurs go down just to chase sales.

Who’s In?

Mark wants to know what sales level gets her to break even. Vanessa answers “$9 million.” Her goal is to get to $15 million and clear $1.2 million. Mark says her margins aren’t escalating as she’s growin. He likes chasing the bottom line, not the top line; he’s out. Candace loves the packaging, but the margins and the level of education for consumers is too much; she’s out. Daymond thinks Vannessa is going down a lot of paths – which is fine for her to see what works – but it’s not for him; he’s out. Lori says she loves the products. She’ll be a customer but not an investor; she’s out.

Kevin says he doesn’t know how he’ll get his money back. When Vannessa says “royalty,” all the Sharks perk up. Vanessa says her goal is to have big box stors account for 50% of the business with 25% going to smaller stores and direct to consumer respectively. Kevin offers the $500,000 for a $1 per unit royalty that goes away when he recoups $1.5 million for 5% of the company. Vannessa counters with 50 cents per unit and Kevin says no. Mark says Kevin is the king of incecticides with all the coackroach deals he’s doing. After some agonizing over the terms, Vannessa declines Kevin’s offer.

Arber Shark Tank Update

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