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BagBowl Brian and Kevin Fleming
Brothers Brian and Kevin Fleming pitch BagBowl, a collapsible plastic sleeve that turns any bag into a bowl in Shark Tank Episode 404. Kevin invented BagBowl initially as a way to travel with dog food without having to bring a bowl along. He also invented a canine foot bath called the Ginsey Paw Cleaner and developing products is his life’s work. Brian is a real estate broker with a marketing background. The brothers teamed up on BagBowl because of its potential. They unsuccessfully entered BagBowl into WalMart’s Get On the Shelf contest in 2011. It is patented and they have manufacturing arrangements in place. The Flemings want to introduce the product to snack and chip makers and storage bag manufacturers.

BagBowl Shark Tank Recap

Brian and Kevin came into the Shark Tank seeking a $40k investment for 33% of BagBowl. In a hilarious pitch, the brothers bark, growl, and act generally silly while introducing the Sharks to their product. Mark says Brian and Kevin are “wantrepreneurs.” In a classic Shark Tank moment, Brian calls Mark Cuban “Cubes.” Cuban says “Just for calling me ‘Cubes,’ I’m out!” Daymond and Kevin quickly follow Mark and go out too. Robert likes the product and thinks it will sell; he offers $40k for 45%. Lori thinks the it will sell on QVC and she offers the Flemings $40K for 33% (exactly what they were asking for). Brian asks to speak to Kevin and the Sharks all give him a hard time for discussing it. When Brian comes to his senses, he and Kevin seal the deal with Lori.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

The BagBowl wasn’t available for nearly two months after airing due to production difficulties. They became available just before Christmas, 2012. “Themed” BagBowls will be available in 2013. The product is now readily available on Amazon and ships in a few weeks. Brian and Kevin are working on new products for their venture, daddio designs and they’ve already launched a new product called the daddio Spill Stopper Training cup.

The brothers shuttered both businesses in February 2018 and they’ve both moved on to other ventures. Brian is back in the real estate business and Kevin is in cloud computing.

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  1. Sharkchik says

    I am DISGUSTED that Lori (or anyone on Shark Tank) would invest in a company that helps us waste MORE PLASTIC…….Plastic is something we need to purge from society not make more uses for. If you can’t get your stuff in a ziplock bag without help, then the bag is the least of your problems. But no Lori….seriously good job…great product…no really!

    And you guys…the founders with a picture in scuba gear on your website…you should know better….watch out for those sharks boys…karma can be brutal!

  2. Go hug a tree. you hippie

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