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Cerebral Success

cerebral successTrevor Hiltbrand pitches his brain supplement, called Cerebral Success, in Shark Tank episode 522. He designed Cerebral Success to help him focus on his school work. The product says it helps people increase mental energy and overall alertness. What makes Trevor’s product different is instead of giving a jolt of caffeine, it has “ingredients that are clinically shown to increase focus AND improve memory.” Basically, it helps you focus.

Cerebral Success was originally designed as a natural study aid. Adderall, a prescription drug used for treating ADHD, is being used illegally on college campuses in alarmingly increasing numbers. Adderrall helps you hyper-focus, which makes it great for studying. Cerebral Success gives college students, and anyone else who wants to increase their focus, a safe alternative to the addictive (and illegal without a prescription) Adderall. By providing essential nutrients and amino acids that are proven to increase “brain health,” Hiltbrand has the hottest new supplement on college campuses everywhere. The product is available exclusively on the company website.

He’s likely looking to the Sharks for cash and help with distribution.

Cerebral Success Shark Tank Recap

Trevor enters the Shark Tank seeking $75,000 for 20% of his business. He begins his pitch and makes it clear he has no scientific proof for his claims. He only has reviews and research on the individual ingredients, not his blend. To date he’s sold 900 bottles at $70 each. They cost $10 to make. His product is different because he markets to college students, not older people.

Daymond doesn’t like that he has no credible proof; he’s out. Robert doesn’t believe in the product; he’s out. Mark attacks the warning label and a discussion about integrity ensues. Barbara defends Trevor, but Mr. Wonderful says he doesn’t think he’ll get a return on his investment; he’s out. Mark says he may have invested if Trevor was going to use the money for research; he’s out. Barbara sympathizes with Trevor and she identifies with people who have trouble focusing like her husband and one of her kids. She offers $75,000 for 40% of the company, contingent on her having zero liabilities. Trevor counters with 37% but Barbara holds firm. Trevor accepts the original offer.

Cerebral Success Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Barbara closed and she got the product into all GNC stores in the USA. Trevor rebranded to Smart X by Cerebral Success and redesigned the packaging. He was featured in Barbara’s Entrepreneur retreat in Cabo San Lucas in season seven.

Things went well for a while, but Trevor closed the business down in October, 2019. He started two other successful businesses and is currently the CEO of Project Solar, a direct to consumer solar panel business.

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