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Ionic Ear Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 1

Darren Johnson Ionic Ear Shark TankDarren Johnson pitches Ionic Ear – a surgically implanted bluetooth device –  in the pilot episode of Shark Tank. Johnson invented the device, which includes a battery, speaker and microphone, to eliminate the problem of bluetooth earpieces falling off due to motion or excessive sweating. The device is implanted near the ear, under the earlobe.

Ionic Ear Shark Tank Recap

Johnson enters the Tank seeking $1 million for 15% of his company. The product isn’t in production, it’s merely a prototype at this stage. The Sharks are shocked by the fact Johnson wants to perform surgery to implant the device and laugh at him. Daymond goes out almost immediately after hearing this, saying “it’s pretty disturbing and it freaks me out.” When Johnson explains you need to insert a needle into the ear to charge the device at night, Barbara seeks clarification and Kevin Harrington abruptly goes out. Barbara goes out too.

In an attempt to save his rapidly failing pitch, he tries to compare his product to breast implants. The Sharks aren’t buying it. Mr. Wonderful is amazed Johnson hasn’t been locked up for being a loon! He goes out. Robert says Darren is “somewhere” and goes out too. The Sharks don’t believe what they just saw!

Ionic Ear Shark Tank Update

Ionic Ear goes down as one of the most bizarre pitches of all time on Shark Tank (or anywhere else for that matter). In a 2013 interview, Barbara called this the creepiest thing she’s ever seen. Ionic Ear never did get any investment to get past the developmental stages and has no business presence at all, anywhere. Johnson may be ahead of his time, maybe a little too far ahead. Both he and the business dropped out of sight not too long after airing. I can usually find something about a defunct company, but this guy is erased from the internet!

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    Cut to the year 2015: Workers in Sweden getting RFID chips implanted in their hands.

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