The Living Christmas Company

The Living Christmas Company

The Living Christmas Company

The Living Christmas Company is a live Christmas Tree rental service based out of Redondo Beach, California. Scott “Scotty Claus” Martin provides the holiday spirit in episode 409 by explaining how his rental service works. Scott used to deliver Christmas Trees for a local nursery and found it sad when he saw all the trees on the curb for trash pick-up in the weeks following Christmas. The Living Christmas Company is a truly green business; customers rent a potted tree for use during the Christmas season for a fee and Scotty or one of his elves deliver it right to your door. Once Christmas is over, they pick it back up and care for it until the next Christmas. It’s a simple concept. The Living Christmas Tree Company has About $150K in sales to date

The Living Christmas Company in the Shark Tank

Scott, dressed in a Santa hat, pitched The Living Christmas Tree Company to the panel of five Sharks for the Holiday Themed episode. He was seeking $150k for a 30% share in the business.  Mr. Wonderful hates the seasonal aspect of the business and goes out. Daymond, with the funny line of the night, goes out despite always wanting “to be in business with a guy with a handlebar moustache. ” Daymond followed by saying he always wanted to be in business with a woman with a handlebar moustache! Robert doesn’t see potential for growth, so he’s out. Barbara doesn’t like the sales numbers, so she’s out too. That leaves Mark.

Mark likes the business, but he wants to help Scotty figure out a way to scale it. Scotty hires veterans to deliver trees and Mark likes that. The Living Christmas Company creates around 200 seasonal jobs. Cuban offers $150K for 40% of the business and says “the money’s easy. Doing the right thing isn’t always.” Scotty accepts the deal and Mark Cuban becomes The Shark who saved Christmas!

The Living Christmas Company After Shark Tank

Scotty closed the deal with Mark and explains what happened in the aftermath of Shark Tank in an interview with Shark Tank Blog. The company is in a slow growth mode, but Living Christmas reveals its progress in an update segment in episode 610.

In the update, Scotty says Mark’s investment helped him move to a larger lot with high efficiency irrigation, which allows for more inventory. The Living Christmas Company continues to hire Veterans for their business and they are starting a retail test with Whole Foods Markets in the San Francisco Bay area. Since Shark Tank, the Company has earned in excess of $300K, which is only a ONE MONTH Christmas season!

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  1. Good for Mark for “doing the right thing”.
    Every old tree I see on the curb is a sad sight indeed

  2. John Rudolph says

    Great idea. Would love to lease some of my land in New Hampshire. For 10 years we bought live trees and planted them. They are now 30 feet tall.

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