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PDX Pet Design

pdx pet designTara and Jason O’Mara pitch their cat toy business, PDX Pet Design, to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 813. Their flagship product is SHRU, a self-described “cat companion.” The O’Mara’s are cat lovers who thought most regular cat toys didn’t provide enough stimulation for their feline friends. The SHRU “is designed to mimic and respond like a living animal, keeping kitties mentally and physically stimulated.”

The O’Maras started their business with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $170,779. The crowd funding community (and their cats) loved the egg-shaped electronic toy with the feathery tail. Apparently, it keeps cats entertained for hours. Each SHRU costs $98 and the O’Maras began shipping over 5,000 units in the fall of 2016.

They have another product, the Licki Brush, in the works that’s eligible for “pre-order.” The Licki Brush is a brush that mimics a cat’s lick. This allows humans, whom cats view as bigger cats, to engage in the social activity of licking and grooming.

Will Sharks want cats in the Tank?

PDX Pet Design Shark Tank Recap

Tara and Jason enter seeking $300,000 for 15% of their company. The cat loving couple say they want to “improve your relationship with your cat while enhancing your cat’s lifestyle.” They demonstrate the SHRU and the Licki Brush. The Sharks are amused and laughing hysterically. Robert tries the Licki Brush while the other Sharks laugh at him.

To date, they’ve sold $250,000 in SHRU‘s and $52,000 in LICKI brushes. Kevin scoffs at the $2 million valuation. The other Sharks have concerns, too. One by one, they all go out.

PDX Pet Design Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. After airing, they made a bunch of sales and the company is still in business. Tara and Jason still work their full time jobs while running the company. While they aren’t hitting the numbers they projected on Shark Tank, their products are popular with cat lovers.

In February, 2020, the company appeared on the Shark Tank Greatest of All Time Special in the “greatest pitch fails” category. Based on Tara’s LinkedIn page, it appears the company ceased operations in October, 2021.

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