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reviverBen and Eric Kusin hope to revive the Sharks with Reviver, their line of “clothing swipes” designed to deodorize and freshen up clothing, in Shark Tank episode 606. The pair bill their product as “breath mints for your clothes.” Each reusable swipe fits over your fingers, when you wipe it on your clothes or hair, its proprietary formula gives everything a clean, fresh scent.

Ben, the founder and creator of Reviver, had his “AHA moment” when he wanted something to eliminate smoke odors from his clothes. He went to a convenience store and saw gum and breath mints. That’s when he thought he should make a breath mint for his clothes. He founded the business in 2012 and the first Reviver packages went on the market in 7-11 Stores in his native Dallas area in January, 2013. Caesars Entertainment is also carrying Reviver at casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno. Brother Eric joined him soon after the company launch, as did their father, Gary – who happens to have a bit of entrepreneurial and Venture Capital experience (he started Babbages which became GameStop and is an advisor at TPG Capital among other things) .

There is literally nothing like Reviver on the market today and Ben has a patent pending. While the product isn’t proven yet, it has a lot of upside as other clothing fresheners come in spray form. Reviver is currently available in Walgreens nationwide and the pet version is at Petco stores. They are also available on Amazon.

The Kusins are likely looking for cash to produce product and a Shark’s retail connections. Will the Sharks freshen up a deal for Reviver?

Reviver Shark Tank Recap

Ben and Eric enter seeking $150K for 5% of the business. They tell their story and introduce their swipes. They ask Lori to come up and bring out a shirt they’ve been “marinating” in burgers and fries. Lori says it works!

The guys hand out samples and Ben tells them about his “AHA Moment.” They reveal they got $2 million from their father and they’ve done $500K this year. They project $4 million for the next 12 months. Kevin disputes the value of $3 million and they reveal dad’s background.

They also reveal they have a meeting with Wal Mart in August. Mark disputes calling Reviver a “technology” right before a break, he thinks it’s a good product, though. That doesn’t keep him from going out. Mr. Wonderful thinks sales aren’t big enough, he’s out. Barbara says she doesn’t invest in “rich kid businesses,” she’s out. Robert thinks Barbara’s attitude is wrong.

Lori says this product made her think “Cha Ching a Ling a Ding Dong” and offers $150K for 15%. Ben and Eric turn to Robert who offers $150K for 10%. Lori wants to go on QVC and pitches her connections. Ben says he’ll do Lori’s deal and Lori Cha chings her way on stage!

RESULT: Deal with Lori for $150K for 15%.

Reviver Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Lori closed and the Kusin brothers appeared on QVC several times selling their wipes. The “rich kids” comment sparked a lot of discussion post show, but the Kusin brothers shook it off. The guys introduced wipes for dogs and cats too.

Eric took a partnership stake in MirMir in 2016. MirMir is a mobile photo booth business that appeared in the Tank in season 9. In April, 2017, the brothers invested in a Dallas restaurant called Malibu Poke. A second location opened in Austin a year or so later. Poke is a Hawaiian dish best described as “deconstructed sushi.” In 2019, Ben and Lori exited the company and Ben started VENN, “a live 24/7 network for gaming, streaming, e-sports and entertainment audiences.”

The wipes business is going strong, but the company doesn’t do a lot of social media engagement. Despite that, a Tweet appeared in May, 2022, that said “new launch coming soon.” As of August, 2022, there have been no new products launched by the business. Annual revenue is $5 million. As of April, 2023, the website is down and the products are listed as “currently unavailable” on Amazon.

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  1. I was offended and outraged by Barbara’s comments about “rich kids”. it was totally inappropriate. and besides, what does she think her son is if not a rich kid? it was offensive and out of place and she should apologize. besides the fact that her $1,000 that she talks so much about receiving in the dinosaur age when she was young, would be $50,000 or $100,000 today.
    mark cuban was not far behind in being offensive. his bullying about reviver not being a technology, and they only said it was to appease their father, was also offensive. this is supposed to be entertainment not mean spirited. at least mr. wonderful is equally offensive to everyone, he does not discriminate against “rich kids”.

  2. So, I don’t know who created/follows/reads this site, but I’d like to just point out one quick thing (aside from the fact that I also thought Barbara’s comment was very offensive and Mark Cuban was very rude). When these guys first walked out and began explaining their product – before they were even finished, I was immediately sold and wanted to know where I could get some – and I’ll tell you why. My husband works as a cable service technician for a very large and very well known cable company. His job literally consists of going into the homes of complete strangers multiple times a day, all day, five days a week. I literally cannot count the times – at LEAST three or four times a week – that he will complain to me about the fact that he had to spend over an hour in someones house that reeked, usually of smoke (we are non-smokers ourselves) and that for the rest of the day, his clothing and hair will smell like cigarette smoke. I can vouch for the fact that he has came home with his uniform smelling of anything from musty/mildewy to very smokey and I can guarantee that this product is something that he would keep his work trucked stocked with. I normally don’t comment on things like this, but I felt the need to point this out because my husband is not alone – there are thousands of different types of service men and women who go into peoples homes every day (repair services, plumbers, contractors, ect..) and would probably also benefit greatly from this product. While this angle was not mentioned on the show, I wanted to throw it out there because I truly feel that it is a great product that meets a very large need that was not addressed and that many might not even be aware of. I also have a good friend who suffers from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and that I have no doubt would be thrilled to use a product such as this to help with what can be, and and often is, a very embarrassing problem. I wish these guys nothing but the best of luck and I am going to be on the look out for this product as soon as possible! Thank you!

  3. I loved this product the second I saw it I wanted it I am actually going to order some online right now. As a smoker and pet owner these would be a life saver.

  4. I found those two rich kids unbearably out of touch. “To be rich kids, you have to be rich. We’re not rich.” If you don’t consider yourself rich after getting a 2 million dollar gift from daddy, along with god knows what else, you are unbearable. End of story. Their dad is a former senior Exec at FedEx, CEO at an equity firm, and started Barns and Noble and Game Stop.

    The bottom line is, even a crap throwing circus monkey could make 500,000 dollars from 2,000,000. Those who claim Barbara was discriminating against rich kids are living in a bubble. As if rich kids have it hard in any way. Lamborghini or Ferrari, Gucci or Prada, one or two million for perfumed toilet wipes. How will they ever succeed if they are born successful? I think they will survive Barbabas “discrimination” (eye roll). Never-mind societies discrimination of the poor, and lack of equality in opportunity, education. If her main reason for investing in poor people was because she likes desperation, that’s hardly principled anyway. Most people don’t have the money, opportunity, or connections to blow 2 million on perfumed wipes. These are second generation rich, born with a platinum spoon in their mouths.

  5. I have not read all the comments but Reviver is still being sold on Amazon.

  6. Jasmine J says

    I agreed with Barbara. If I was rich, I would only use my money to help the poor or truly needed as well. Granted, the wipes were great! 🤙🏽 It is A Lot harder for a poor or average person to go out and raise 2 million dollars. To be able to have that back up support when they need it and have that handed to them by their parent compared to someone who works endlessly to try to raise any type of cash is a huge difference. But great product.

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