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Reviver Clothing Swipes

reviver clothing swipesBen and Eric Kusins, brothers from a very entrepreneurial family, introduce a new “fragrance delivery system,” Reviver Clothing Swipes, to Shark Tank and the world in episode 606. Reviver Clothing Swipes are a small, fabric covered “swipe” that fit over your fingers; when you swipe it across your clothing, the fragrance infused waxy material inside the fabric releases a freshening and odor neutralizing scent on clothing or hair.

The original idea for the product came when Ben, a smoker, wanted to eliminate the odor of smoke from his clothes without dousing himself in cologne. There was nothing on the market like what he envisioned, so he set about inventing it. After a couple of years of development and testing, Reviver Clothing Swipes were ready for market.

Ben enlisted his brother Eric’s help. Eric was a buyer for Neiman Marcus at the time and he brought a lot of value to the business. Since the concept of clothing swipes is brand new, the brothers faced an educational obstacle that they turned in their favor. Since Reviver was an innovation in the consumer products space, they found acceptance from buyers at Walgreens and Petco.

My Take on Clothing Swipes

I think this product could grow big quickly and be acquired by a big consumer products company for hundreds of millions of dollars! The Kusins patented the clothing swipes concept and delivery system, so Reviver is going to be all alone in a new product category. Think of carrying around a packet of Reviver in a pocket or purse: if you smoke, you can instantly get rid of the smell; want to “swipe on sexy,” get a fragrance infused Reviver; have a stinky dog, swipe on the pet odor neutralizer. There are many different applications for Reviver.

This is a product I’d use. As a smoker, I keep a bottle of cologne in my car to mask the smell if I’m meeting someone. I’d rather have some Reviver packets because they neutralize the odor while masking it with a fresh scent. They can also be used to “freshen up” clothes you’ve worn previously – college kids will LOVE these things! At three bucks and change for a pack of two (each Reviver is good for 30-40 swipes), a lot of people will pick some up.

The Kusins have created a perfect point of purchase, impulse item that’s practical and useful. I think they are going to need a truck to tote the money they’re going to make off this product – it’s a BIG WINNER.

Will Sharks Revive the Kusins with a Deal?

I will be shocked if the Kusins don’t get a deal with at least one Shark. I expect multiple offers. To be fair, I spoke with Eric Kusins prior to air and he sounds like a guy who gets a deal. He didn’t tell me what happens, it’s just a vibe I got.

Eric’s background as a buyer got them in front of Walgreens and Petco. The Sharks will be impressed that Reviver is already in every store already. Eric said it was a calculated move to go for the home run so they could scale quickly. The brothers basically shelved all other sales activities to prep for Shark Tank. Eric thinks it will be a different company after the show airs.

I fully expect every Shark to bid on this business, but I think Lori Grenier will end up being their partner. Reviver is right in her wheelhouse: it’s a low priced, mass appeal product. She has the right retail connections and she is arguably the “consumer products expert” in the Tank. Other Sharks may compete with her or even try to team up with her – could we see another Lori and Barbara partnership?

Regardless, I think Lori does a deal, probably for what the Kusins ask for.

For more info, read the interview with Eric Kusin HERE

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