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spikeballChris Ruder, along with his Spikeball team, show the Sharks the next great American game in Shark Tank episode 623 – the season six finale. Spike Ball is a 2-on-2, beach volleyball type game. The “net” is actually a round, trampoline-like disc that opponents spike the ball off for the opposing team to hit and return.

Like volleyball, teams have three touches before returning, or spiking, the ball back to the other team. Unlike volleyball, there are no boundaries. The company website describes the game as “kinda sorta like volleyball and foursquare but on steroids.”

Spikeball isn’t a new thing, it’s been around for over 7 years. There are over a quarter million players and 1000 plus ranked teams. Tournaments are organized by USA Spikeball and there are regional and national championships each “season.” The game is perfect for the beach and can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The complete set is available at Amazon and on the company website.

Chris is likely looking for a Shark to help with expanding the game as a sport via sponsored venues and for help with mass market awareness and distribution. Can Mr. Ruder spike a Shark and net an investment?

Spikeball Shark Tank Recap

Chris and the his team enter the Shark Tank seeking $500,000 for 10% of his company. A spirited game ensues onstage to demonstrate the product. Then the Q&A starts. They tell the story of how the trademark had expired on this old toy. They renewed it and started making and selling them. To publicize it, they run tournaments.

So far, they’ve sold 29,000 units in a year. They project sales of $3.2 million for this year (2014). Each unit costs $14 landed and sells for $59. He thinks he can get the cost down to $10. Hee wants the Shark cash to produce more units as he has a 10,000 unit order from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Kevin questions the valuation, but elects to see what the other Sharks do. Lori is the first Shark out, saying she can’t come to grips with the valuation. Nick says he’s just not passionate about it, he’s out. Mark originally thought the idea was dumb, but as the pitch wore on, he grew to like it. Still, he goes out, citing the valuation. Kevin jumps in and offers a $500,000 loan at a 9% interest rate for 10% of the business. Daymond offers $500,000 for the rights to licensing at 25% equity. Chris counters with 15% and Daymond goes to 22%. When Chris counters at 20%, Daymond agrees.

Spikeball Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Daymond never closed. Spikeball runs tournaments all over the country and has been wildly successful since appearing in the Tank. In August, 2020, they got a patent for their game. At least two knock-offs will likely be getting letters from Chris’s attorney for IP infringement.

In 2021, the national Spikeball Tournament was carried on ESPN2. As of May, 2022, the company employs 40 people and they’ve sold millions of sets. The first “roundnet” (what the sport is called generically) World Championships will take place in Belgium in September of 2022. There is even a group, the International Roundnet Federation, lobbying to make it an Olympic sport. As of January, 2023, annual revenue of $19 million. In August, 2023, the company introduced “The Mammoth,” which is designed and made in the US from 100% recycled plastic. The new model promises “longer rallies and more fun.” At this time the 2023 Spikeball season is winding down. The company has an estimated net worth of over $45 million.

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  1. Spikeball promised an August ship date for the Mammoth set. Purchased in July and still haven’t received it as of Sept 6. Spikeball customer service isn’t responding to any emails. Completely ghosted all their customers.

  2. The deal never closed because Daymond had friends at Marvel Comics and they wanted to make a Spiderman Spikeball set. Chris was afraid that branding it with Spidey people might think it’s a toy.

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