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Super Potty Trainer

super potty trainerJudy Abrahams and Chris Guerrera seek a Shark for the Super Potty Trainer, their adjustable device that makes potty training easy, in Shark Tank episode 1222. The pair met on social media while Abrahams was seeking business advice. Abrahams invented the product in 2015 when her daughter was potty training and feared falling in the toilet.

The product she created was initially called the Super Trainer. It’s a half-top hat shaped device that sits between the toilet seat and the bowl. Simply position it in a spot that suits your child’s size and go. Silicon on the underside of the trainer keeps it from slipping. There are no moving parts and the simplicity lets it grow with your child.

She made 400 units back in 2015 and sold 383 of them. The business kind of cooled of for a few years until she relocated from Arizona to New Hampshire. That’s when she met Guerrera. Guerrera’s company, Pace Systems, has worked with notable Shark Tank businesses like Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty, Paint Brush Cover, Drop Stop, and ReadeRest. Abrahams says he’s the reason they are on Shark Tank.

Each Super Potty Trainer sells for $24.95. Abrahams and Guerrera likely want a Shark to amp sales up quickly. Will a Shark think this is a super deal?

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Super Potty Trainer Shark Tank Recap

Judy and Chris enter the Shark Tank seeking $300,000 for 10%. They give their pitch and throw away old school potty trainers. Then they demo their product. Robert likes the idea and asks Judy to explain the no-stick pads. Judy tells her background and how she came to invent the product. She got everything designed and patented. They make them in the USA for $2.30. They have $65,000 in sales in about 400 Wal Marts and they are in negotiations for a $1.1 million purchase order with Wal Mart.

Mark says they’re pricing it as if they’ve been selling for three years; he’s out. Robert says the valuation is nuts; he’s out. Kevin says they came in too early and asked too much; he’s out. Daymond also asks what they’re thinking about the valuation. Daymond said he’d go in with Lori because she’s the queen of poo. Lori offers the $300,000 for 50%. Judy says they’ll take the offer.

Super Potty Trainer Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. As of July, 2021, two months after the original air date, the deal with Lori and Daymond has not closed.

In November, 2022, it’s apparent the deal with Lori and Daymond didn’t close. Reliable revenue figures are not available at this time.

I will update on this business accordingly.