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Wedding Wagon

wedding wagonAdrian Gonzalez and James Cass, two entrepreneurial Reverends from Las Vegas, pitch the Wedding Wagon in episode 602 – part two of the Shark Tank season 6 premier. Wedding Wagon is a low-cost, mobile wedding service that lets couples tie the knot in a variety of Las Vegas area locations.

Affordability is the big attraction with the Wedding Wagon – it’s only $129 to get hitched in the location of your choice, including witnesses, plus the cost of a marriage license ($60). 15-20 wedding photos are also included. There are no hidden fees. The Wedding Wagon is literally a chapel on wheels and the two Reverends perform ceremonies in outdoor, public spaces all over the city. They have hundreds of satisfied customers, too.

Weddings are booked pretty solid a month and a half out, so Adrian and James are likely looking to add another wagon or two to their fleet. Can they get the Sharks to commit to a deal?

****Watch for a humorous segment where Barbara and Mr. Wonderful “tie the knot!”****

Wedding Wagon Shark Tank Recap

Adrian and James enter seeking $25K for 20% of the business. The guys demonstrate the service with a “wedding vows renewal” service for Barbara and Kevin, complete with flowers, a dollar-bill ring, and a veil! Kevin and Barbara have fun with it and kiss for the second time in the Shark Tank!

The guys want to take the concept nation-wide. They did $243K last year, and they want to expand. They sold the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon for $125K to form a franchise company. This concerns Mark, he’s out. Lori thinks anyone can do this business, she’s out. Robert can’t believe they sold the original business, he’s out. Mr. Wonderful thinks they’ve done something very strange – he’s out. Barbara thought they had a cool gimmick, she would have been in had they not sold their original business, but she’s out. NO DEAL.

Wedding Wagon Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Gonzales left the business in 2014 and was a marketing manager for several builders before relocating to Tennessee to open a taco truck.The company continues doing business as of October, 2023 with annual revenue of $2 million.

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