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Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes is a Cohasset, MA business started by mother/daughter team Tracey Noonan and Danielle Desroches. They’ll pitch the Sharks on their wicked good cupcakes in a jar in episode 422. Tracy and Danielle got started when they decided to take a baking class together – that’s where they created their first Wicked Good Cupcakes. The reaction from friends and family was so great, they started selling their wicked good treats and have become a Boston area favorite. The original bakery is in the quaint seaside town of Cohasset on Boston’s South Shore, but the Wicked Good gals recently partnered with a large commercial bakery to produce more treats and they’re opening a Fanuel Hall location in May, 2013.  Whatever the outcome, Wicked Good Cupcakes is a sweet success!

Wicked Good Cupcakes Shark Tank Recap

Tracy and Danielle took baking classes together to bond and they ended up opening a retail bakery. Their business really took off when they decided to put their cupcakes in a jar to make them easier to ship. In addition to the sales from their bakery, they’ll sell $73K in Wicked Good Cupcakes via mail order. All totaled, they project $360K in sales for the year.

Robert isn’t a desert fan and he doesn’t buy into the mail order concept, he’s out. Daymond likes the product so much, he can’t partner with Tracy and Danielle because he’d eat all the inventory. Lori has concerns about the cupcakes’ shelf life, so she’s out. Mark isn’t a baked goods expert, so he’s out too.

That leaves Mr. Wonderful. He LOVES the cupcakes and he offers Tracy and Danielle $75K. He doesn’t want an equity stake, he wants royalties. He asks for $1 per cupcake sold until he recoups his investment, then $0.50 per cupcake in perpetuity. The ladies counter with 40 cents and eventually settle on 45 cents. It’s a sweet deal all around!

Wicked Good Cupcakes Shark Tank Update

Wicked Good Cupcakes shot an update segment in June, 2013. Since appearing on the show and making a deal with Kevin O’Leary, they’ve secured a 15,000 square foot commercial baking facility, opened a shop in Faneuil Hall and a third shop in the South Shore Plaza Mall in Braintree, MA. The company has paid O’Leary all his money back and they’re on their way to over $2 million in annual sales; talk about sweet success!

In a season 7 update in episode 703, Wicked Good Cupcakes appeared with Mr. Wonderful in Nantucket, where he officiated a wedding ceremony. Mr. Wonderful announced the creation of his “Something Wonderful Platform” where he hopes to package his Shark Tank businesses into a wedding industry sales and marketing entity he wants to grow to the hundreds of millions of dollars. Other businesses present in Nantucket include HoneyFund and Bottle Breacher. Tracy says since partnering with Kevin, they’ve done $5.5 MILLION in sales!

The story continues in Beyond the Tank episode 111 and in an update segment in season 8’s episode 808.

Things ended up working out for this business, big time. This was one of the best investments Mr. Wonderful made on the show. In June, 2021, the company was acquired by Hickory Farms for an undisclosed amount.

There is an update segment in episode 1315 where they’ll talk about the acquisition by Hickory Farms. After Shark Tank, they did $40 million in sales. Kevin made over $1 million in royalties. Hickory Farms offered a “multi million dollar buyout.” Kevin says this validates royalty deals. Tracy says she watched her daughter become a millionaire. They’re grateful to Shark Tank for their  success.

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