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Holiday Shark Tank Re-Run

santa shark holiday shark tank Re-RunThe day after Thanksgiving marks the “official” beginning of the Christmas Season, so ABC decided to give fans another look at season 4’s Holiday Shark Tank Special. Episode 409 originally aired on December 4, 2012 in a rare Tuesday night showing and had a holiday theme to it, thanks in large part to The Living Christmas Company – a live Christmas Tree rental service that Mark Cuban invested in.

Holiday Shark Tank show has something for everyone

Shark Tank Blog dubbed Mark Cuban “the Shark who saved Christmas” after he invested in The Living Christmas Company, but there is definitely something for all Shark Tank fans besides this very “feel good” story. There’s high comedy with the Fat Ass Fudge Pitch, there’s a Barbara Corcoran success story with the Coop pitch, there’s the classic “train wreck” pitch with Partie Poche, and there’s a super success story with the Chord Buddy update segment.

The Holiday Shark Tank is an entertaining show which ought to get fans out of their tryptophan hangover in time to get some Shark Tank product Christmas shopping done. Gifts from the Shark Tank are becoming big business and ABC is more than happy to keep the gravy train rolling with a re-run.

How About a Season 5 Holiday Shark Tank Special?

Last year, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ran on the same night as the Shark Tank Holiday Special, “forcing” ABC to re-run the episode a week later in the regular Friday spot. Both nights got big ratings, which begs the question: will there be a season 5 holiday show? They could take my idea and produce “How O’Grinchy Stole Shark Tank” to get some solid holiday ratings, too!

ABC has another Holiday-themed episode coming up on December 13, so maybe this will become an annual Shark Tank “tradition.” Either way, we’re a little over one third of the way through season 5, so there’s still plenty of Shark Tank coming our way in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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