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Kisstixx Lip Balm

lip balmKisstixx lip balm is the brainchild of two Utah entrepreneurs: Dallas Robinson and Mike Buonomo. Their invention resulted from some amateur chemistry experiments at Utah Valley University, where the pair met. Their goal was to make kissing a little more “interesting.”

Their product is a kind of re-invention of lip balm, like the eponymous “chapstick,” but with a unique twist. Each Kisstixx has its own flavor and is specifically chemically engineered to react with another  complimentary flavor, creating an interactive flavor combination when you kiss. For instance, say you applied chocolate Kisstixx to your lips and then you kissed someone who was wearing the strawberry flavored lip balm; each person would experience a mingling of the flavors on their lips when they kissed, “GUARANTEED TO INCITE CARNAL PASSIONS.”

Lip Balm Flavor

The two entrepreneurs got together on this project to enhance their cred with the ladies- much like Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook to meet women. There is no denying this product has mass appeal. Who wouldn’t want to enhance the “flavor of love” with a kiss while providing much-needed lip protection at the same time. As the father of four daughters, I’d better not see these in my girls’ purses, but it would be fun to try out with my wife.

Usually I am intrigued by the potential outcome of an entrepreneur’s segment: will they get funded or not? These guys look like they are already achieving some success with a vibrant web page and retail distribution in many Utah locations, including area 7-11’s. I think the combination of current market penetration, a unique product with mass appeal, and a good price point will get them a deal.

The thing I am waiting for in this segment is the on air kiss. Most of the time on the Shark Tank, the sharks tend to be less than cordial to one another. This week, in order to demonstrate how it works, Barbara Corcoran will apply the product and kiss another shark! No spoilers here- the recipient of Barbara’s osculations is not being treated as a state secret at ABC, the press release for the episode indicates Mr. Wonderful as the probable recipient. Whoever gets to kiss her is one lucky shark, Barbara is a very classy looking woman- let’s just hope nobody gets bitten. If my favorite shark, Lori Greiner (who has been filling in for Barbara the past few weeks), were demonstrating Kisstixx, they would have had to put on extra security at the taping lest yours truly barged in and demanded to be part of the suaviations.

You can buy Kisstixx directly from their website and you can find out more about the product and the inventors on their Youtube Channel. I have included a video I made where I test the product out.

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