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loc toteDon Halpern got the idea for Loc Tote while swimming in St. Croix on a family vacation. He was 50 yards from shore and watched as a thief emptied his bag of his wallet. While the event put a cramp in his vacation, it began the journey to creating his new company which makes backpack-like bags that can’t be sliced open and can lock to a stationary object.

Think of Loc Tote as a traveling safe that you bring with you on your adventures. Wherever you go, it keeps your belongings safe. Loc Tote uses the same fabric found in body armor and has a steel reinforced, lockable drawstring. RIFD blocking technology completes the security features. It’s also waterproof.

Halpern got the business going with over $800K in Kickstarter funding back in 2016. Since then, he started making the bags in his home town of New Albany, Ohio. While sales on Amazon and from his website are strong, he wants a Shark to help him get into mass retail.

My Take on Loc Tote

I go to the beach and fishing a lot and I always worry about someone running off with my wallet or phone while I’m in for a swim. Luckily, I have an Aqua Vault. The one problem with that is I have to bring it with me in my bag to use it. Loc Tote makes the whole bag a vault. That’s pretty cool.

The fact that it’s water-proof is pretty cool, too. That’s a handy feature while at the beach. There’s no worries about my phone getting damaged or my wallet getting water-logged. I think they’re a tad on the expensive side ($179), but the product should last a long time, making it an “investment” rather than an impulsive purchase. For these reasons, I’m in.

Will Sharks Lock up a Deal?

Daymond invested in Aqua Vault back in season six and Loc Tote kind of competes with it, so he’s probably out. Any of the other Sharks are still in if the valuation is right. Halpern has a strong business background, so he won’t cave under pressure. The SHarks will like that.

There are other products in the works, too. This isn’t a one-trick pony. It might be a bit too pricey for Lori who likes lower-priced, mass appeal items, but the features are demonstrable and the security is something everyone craves. Mr. Wonderful, Robert, and Mark could make a play, too. I think Halpern fields an offer or two, I just don’t know which Shark bites.

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