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Original Man Candles Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey on Shark Tank

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Original Man Candle Entrepreneur Johnson Bailey will pitch the Shark Tank Investors, asking for a $50,000 investment in return for a 25% stake in his company.

Bailey, who resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, started his company in 2009 making the Original Man Candles as a joke. Turns out the jokes not only funny, but might end up being a home run!

Bailey’s plan was vetted when he was named 2010 Student Entrepreneur of the Year by Oklahoma State Universities School of Entrepreneurship. Usually you see awards from colleges going to highly technical companies, but this time, its scents like farts, draft beer and motor oil that won out.

I was able to catch a video clip preview of Bailey’s presentation. This guy is full of energy, looking to do his pitch and close the deal. He could be the next pitchman for Kevin Harrington, too bad Mark Cuban is sitting in for him on this episode.

I was able to find out that he’s pouring the candles in the garage. A wise decision would be looking for a company that will do the candles for him, ideally a private label manufacturer so Bailey focuses on sales, which appears to be his strong point.

I’m not sure if the Sharks will bite on this one or not, Mark Cuban most likely is into this deal and he might even be thinking Internet Marketing play. If so, I agree.

This product needs an Affiliate Marketing Program and David Zelken from Shareasale could get the ball rolling. Let bloggers and online marketers write about the Man Candles and give them a chance to earn some dollars.

This product is ripe for a cult like following and I think sales are going to boom on Friday night as soon as people see this on the show. Just two weeks ago, another garage entrepreneur, Kim Nelson from Daisy Cakes was bombarded with requests and orders.

Look out for a similar experience here.

I’ll be watching to see what happens on Friday Night!

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