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Sip Herbals: Your New Favorite Coffee Alternative

sipFor many of us, coffee is more than just a beverage—it’s a ritual, a moment of solace, and that first sip in the morning is nothing short of bliss. But what if you could experience that same sense of comfort and satisfaction without the jolt of caffeine or the acidity of traditional coffee? Enter Sip Herbals, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Orleatha Smith and Kelly Raulerson.

Sip Herbals was born out of Orleatha’s quest to find a coffee alternative that not only satisfied her taste buds but also aligned with her wellness goals. Drawing inspiration from their own desire for a flavorful and invigorating brew, Orleatha and Kelly crafted what they lovingly call “faux joe”—herbal drinks that you brew just like loose-leaf tea or coffee grounds.

Sip it Hot or Cold

One of the beauties of Sip Herbals is its versatility. Whether you prefer your beverage piping hot or refreshingly iced, there’s a blend for every palate. From classic coffee-like flavors to tantalizing options like peppermint mocha and cinnamon roll, each sip promises a delightful experience.

But what sets Sip Herbals apart goes beyond just taste. Orleatha and Kelly are committed to using organic ingredients wherever possible, despite the challenges that come with obtaining official organic certification for a startup. Organic dandelion, chicory, carob, and ginger are just some of the wholesome components that go into their products, sourced from trusted suppliers around the globe.

Dandelion root tea, a key ingredient in many Sip Herbals blends, offers a caffeine-free alternative to coffee with a host of health benefits. Rich in vitamins C and A, potassium, and calcium, dandelion root tea supports energy production, metabolism, and immune function—a win-win for both your taste buds and your well-being.

The Entrepreneurs Behind the Brand

But behind the scenes of this innovative brand lies a powerhouse duo. Orleatha Smith, a seasoned entrepreneur with a Master’s Degree in Education and a passion for inclusive wellness, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Her partnership with Kelly, coupled with their shared vision for holistic healing, has propelled Sip Herbals to the forefront of the herbal tea market.

Orleatha’s impressive resume extends beyond the realms of entrepreneurship. As a holistic lifestyle coach, SAAS developer, and public speaker, she has made waves in the wellness community and beyond. Her dedication to creating practical solutions for modern consumers has earned her recognition in top-tier publications and media outlets.

So, whether you’re savoring a cup on your deck, powering through a busy workday, or simply craving a moment of tranquility, let Sip Herbals be your companion on the journey to a healthier, more flavorful life. Because when it comes to nourishing your body and soul, nothing beats that first sip of something truly special.

My Take on Sip Herbals

I like both coffee and tea, hot or iced. I drink both nearly every day. Caffeine doesn’t bother me, but  I’m a total caffeine junkie. I don’t get jittery or stay awake at night if I drink coffee, even if I have a cup after dinner. Caffeine does have different effects on different people, so it’s good to know there are a lot of alternatives.

I’ve made dandelion tea  before – it’s not bad. Sip has some interesting flavors that I will definitely try. I’m in. If you’d like to try it too, go to their website and use coupon code SHARKTANKBLOG for 10% off!

Do Sharks Like Tea?

Orleatha started this company in December, 2020, so there should be some good sales numbers. She”s sure to impress the Sharks too, but will it result in offers. Mr. Wonderful will pass as he has a conflict  with another similar business. Back in season 9 he, along with Bethenny Frankel, invested in Snarky Tea. Candace could be a player here, possibly even  teaming up with Lori. Daymond will probably make an offer too. I expect some action during this pitch.

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