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The Love is Project Bracelets From Around the World

the love is projectThe Love Is Project started when Chrissie Lam wanted to ask the world to  spread more love. She’d left the corporate world in 2012 and was living amongst the Masai tribe in Kenya. The love the women she met had for each other and the beautiful beaded bracelets inspired her to start her business that spreads love all over the world. To do this, she asked them to put the word “LOVE” on each bracelet.

What started in Africa slowly grew to include Indonesia and Ecuador. Now, women from Bhuta, India, Mexico, Guatemala, The Philppines, Colombia, and Vietnam also make The Love Is Project bracelets. Chrissie has over 2000 women from these countries making her bracelets which pays them good wages and allows them to have access to healthcare, education, clean water and food.

Chrissie enlisted the help of her mom, Gladys, to run the business while she travels all over the world enlisting new artisans and connecting with existing ones. She also uses some of her profits for philanthropic endeavors. She donated 1,600 bracelets to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida in aftermath of the horrific school shooting there in 2018. Chrissie also funded garden projects in Bhutan and donates to a wide variety of charities that provide resources to underdeveloped nations.

The bracelets vary in price from under $20 to over $100, depending on the materials. They’re available on the company website. To date, she’s sold over $4 million worth of bracelets. She likely wants a Shark’s help to bring more attention to her company and to help her expand into more countries.

My Take on The Love Is Project

One of my daughters has one or two of these bracelets. They’re very nice, but it isn’t something I’d wear, despite the wonderful story behind the company. I don’t think anyone can object to Chrissie’s mission, it’s truly remarkable. Her goal was to spread love throughout the world and she’s accomplishing that.

Companies with social missions are becoming more common, both on Shark Tank and in the wider world. Many consumers want to know their purchases are doing some good in the world and they gravitate to those companies. It not only creates revenue for entrepreneurs, but it makes the world a better place. Between the bracelets and the effect she’s having on people’s lives, I’d say Chrissie is a success.

Will the Sharks Feel the Love

The Sharks have gone for many companies that have social missions, but that alone won’t get you a deal in the Shark Tank. The business model needs to be sustainable and, more importantly, profitable. $4 million in sales will impress the Sharks, as long as they’ve been progressing steadily upward since 2012. They’ll also want to see good margins and a solid strategy for growth.

If Chrissie can answer those concerns, any one of the Sharks could bid if the valuation is right. The exposure The Love Is Project will get from this episode airing will do a lot to spread the word, but if a Shark bites, the sky’s the limit.

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