The Cereal Killerz Kitchen

Christopher and Jessica Burns want a Shark to take a bite out of The Ceral Killerz Kitchen, their Las Vegas based cereal cafes, in Shark Tank episode 1203. Chris is a cereal freak. He and his daughter will eat it for dinner (if Jessica lets them). Chris was one of those kids who liked mixing […]

Hug Sleep Pod – Swaddle Sack

Matt and Angie Mundt hope to cuddle up to a Shark and get a deal for their Hug Sleep Pod in episode 1203. Matt invented the product because he was stressed out and not sleeping well. He found that gentle pressure – much like a weighted baby blanket – soothed him and made it easier […]

Chirp Wheels – Back Therapy

Tate Stock invented Chirp Wheels after seeing a similar product at his aunt’s house. He went looking for it on Amazon and saw it was no longer available, even though it had strong search trends on the site. Like any enterprising young man, he spent $400 on some PVC pipe and yoga mats and made […]

The Animated Lure – Robot Bait

Kanz Kayfan and Sobhan Sanaee created The Animated Lure to make fishing a bit easier. Kayfan came up with the idea fore it while fishing the beaches of Corpus Christi, Texas during his college years. Back in 2015, he ran a  Kickstarter campaign that raised $22,041 to get the product made. It took two years […]

Bootay Bag – Women”s Underwear Subscription

Bootay Bag founder Ely Gheno wasn’t sure she had the chops to become an entrepreneur, but she always had it in the back of her mind.  When Ely dropped out of college and attended cosmetology school, she had no idea she’d be selling underwear by mail. Her “Aha moment” came shortly after moving to Denver […]

GoOats – Oatmeal Balls

GoOats creator Nahum Jeannot always liked food, so much so he made a career as a chef. One of his favorite foods is oatmeal. He has fond memories of his mother and grandmother always having a hot bowl of oatmeal made for him for breakfast. One day, while working as a chef at a Hyatt […]

PoochPaper Dog Poop Bag Replacement

Besides inventing PoochPaper, Tracy Rosensteel has a lot on her plate. She’s a sales director for a global food servive company and she hosts and produces a travel biography show. PoochPaper is why she’s in the Tank though and she created the product to help the environment. Dog poop is everywhere there are dogs and […]

P-nuff Crunch – Healthy Snack Puffs

P-Nuff Crunch creator Juan Salinas spent the better part of his adult life making snack foods for industry giants like Kraft, Cadbury and Nestle. Juan is a fitness addict and bodybuilder, so he often felt a disconnect between what he was making for the masses and what he ate for his own nutrition. In 2015, […]

The Touch Up Cup

Carson Grill, the 15 year old inventor of The Touch Up Cup is going places. He’s one of those kids who sees a problem and finds a way to fix it. One day, his dad Jason asked him to help touch up some paint around their house. When they opened the paint cans, the paint […]

Spark Charge

Josh Aviv first got thinking about Spark Charge in the 1990’s while attending Syracuse University. He knew he wanted to solve a problem and when one of his professors suggested electric vehicle charging, Josh was intrigued. They spoke about the topic for hours. This led Josh to develop a plan to install charging stations along […]

The Rumpl Blanket

Wylie Robinson and Nick Polinko created the idea for the Rumpl Blanket while bundled in their sleeping bags in a broken down van. They were on their way home from a ski trip when their van broke down. They were out of cell service range and it was cold, so they crawled into their sleeping […]

Garma Guard

Garma Guard inventors Bianca and Pete Badawy are a husband and wife team of first responders turned entrepreneurs. She’s a nurse and he’s a cop and they both wear uniforms for their jobs. The problem they have is their uniforms get soiled and smelly. They wanted a quick, easy way to freshen their clothes and […]

Season 12 Premier

The Shark Tank Season 12 Premier is this Friday, October 16 at 8 PM. This season will be unlike any other due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Shark Tank usually shoots in two time slots: two weeks in June and two weeks in September. This year, because Los Angeles is such a hot spot, ABC […]

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