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The Salad Sling Replaces Salad Spinners

the salad slingJill Visit, creator of The Salad Sling, thought her salad spinner worked just fine. What she didn’t like about it is it takes up too much space and it’s hard to clean’ If you have one, you understand. You have to rearrange your fridge to store greens in the spinner and there are always little bits of lettuce stuck in there. Until now, it was the best way, other than hand patting lettuce, to dry off wet greens.

The Salad Sling is going to change all that. Jill first put her lettuce on a plush hand towel and twirled it around a few times. It actually did just as good a job as the spinner and she claims it’s way more fun. Eventually, she tweaked the design. She added a plastic inner piece and used a microfiber towel. She also tweaked the rectangular shape of the towel into a sling shape that lets you wrap up the greens safely.

Jill is a designer by profession and when she showed her invention to friends and colleagues, they urged her to make a product and sell it. She still works full time while selling the Salad Sling. The product costs a modest $19.99 which is less than most salad spinners Most of her sales are on Amazon and her website, but she’d love to get the product into retail when the time is right. A Shark can certainly help with that.

My Take on The Salad Sling

Before I wrote this post, I made a salad for tonight’s dinner. Before I started writing this, I ordered one on Amazon. When it comes, my salad spinner is going in the recycle bin (it has a crack in it too).

When we moves to Florida, we downsized and our kitchen is quite a bit smaller than our old one. Getting rid of that salad spinner is going to free up some serious cabinet real estate! This thing can go in the dishtowel drawer. Now I can move my crockpot to the old salad spinner spot. I am IN.

Will Sharks Sling a Deal?

This product has Lori written all over it. It fits her “hero” criteria: appeals to many, easily demonstrated and low price point. I fully expect Lori to bid on this one successfully. Sure, other Sharks may bid too, but Jill MUST be hoping for Lori and I think she’ll get her!

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