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The X Torch – 3 in 1 Flashlight/Lantern

X Torch creators Keidy and Gene Palusky are very giving people. They met as missionaries in 2001 and they run their business more like missionaries than business people. They sank $300,000 into the business and they’ve given more products away than they sold! That doesn’t bother Gene who claims he has all the money he’ll ever need.

The Paluskys got the idea for The X Torch when they saw the sketchy electrical grids in developing countries. If there was no power, kids couldn’t read to do their home work or they’d use dangerous kerosene lanterns. They also couldn’t charge their phones – a necessary form of communication in the developing world.

They solved these problems by creating XTorch. It’s a solar charged (it can charge on regular electricity too) flashlight, lantern and phone charger. There is a top lantern and side lantern. It’ll provide light for 48 hours on a charge, too. To date, the Paluskys haven’t turned a profit. They’ve given away more X Torches to families in developing countries than they’ve sold. Gene claims that they should be profitable in 2020 because they don’t have to invest in tooling and R&D for manufacturing.

They want to get into brick and mortar retail and sell more online so they can turn a profit and, in turn, donate more lights to developing nations. Their goal is to donate 25% of their profits, in the form of X Torches,  to developing nations. They’ve hired people to help them, now they’d like a Shark on board too.

My Take on The X Torch

I think this is a pretty cool product. It’s tough, too. I one video I saw online, a guy shoots the XTorch THREE TIMES and it still worked!  I am definitely getting one of these. In Florida, we lose power during the rainy season all the time. A reliable flashlight for every household member is a necessity.

I like that it can charge phones, too. I’ll definitely bring it on our next road trip. Anyone who hikes or camps will want one of these for sure. I think this product can be huge. I’m in.

Will Sharks Light Up Over XTorch?

In season six, Mark invested in LuminAID, a solar powered light and phone charger with a philanthropic mission. This product conflicts with that, so he’ll be out. As for Mr. Wonderful, he may be so disgusted with the Paluskys aversion to profits, he’ll go out too.

I’m thinking Robert will make a Sharky offer that they won’t accept. That leaves Lori and Daniel. I think Daniel will like their mission and bid. I expect a bid from Lori too, or perhaps she’ll team with Daniel. We will see.


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