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Tuesday Time Slot a permanent move?

Tuesday night shark tankTuesday, December 4, a “Holiday Themed” Shark Tank will air at 8 PM eastern time. Friday nights (and occasionally Sunday evenings) have been Shark Tank’s home, but that could be changing after the New Year. ABC has filled the Friday night-time slots leading into Christmas with re-runs. The only as yet announced new episode is the Holiday Shark Tank in the Tuesday time slot. Rumors are flying that Tuesday night will be the new home of Shark Tank; ABC is going to watch episode 409 ratings numbers very carefully before making a final decision.

Shark Tank Returns on a New Night

Don’t be surprised if you hear those words in an ABC promo soon after the holidays! Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on Tuesday this year, so I don’t think any move would happen until Tuesday, January 8. “Dancing With the Stars” wrapped up last week, so ABC has a gaping hole in their Tuesday night line-up; Shark Tank could shore up a weak schedule and bring a proven commodity to strengthen the ABC Tuesday night offerings.

Sliding Shark Tank into the 9 PM time slot to replace “Dancing With the Stars” makes a lot of sense. Historically, more people watch TV on Tuesday than on Friday, and with a legion of loyal fans, Shark Tank would most likely see its audience grow. That’s good for everyone involved, especially entrepreneurs who want to get on Shark Tank. More viewers means more seasons will be picked up, which is great for fans and entrepreneurs. The only drawback would be curtailing the Shark Tank Drinking Game festivities since many people have to work on Wednesday morning!

Tuesday Move creates options for ABC

In the beginning, when Shark Tank was still finding its audience, Friday was a good spot to test the waters. If the suits at ABC have their thinking caps on, they will see the benefit of sliding Shark Tank into Tuesday at 9 PM. They could put other shows they wish to boost on at 8 PM and get the “lead-in effect” for viewers tuning in to Shark Tank. ABC ordered up “The Taste,” a cooking competition show starring Anthony Bourdain of “No Reservations” fame recently. Friday might be a good spot to get a taste of how Bourdain will fare on network TV. Foodies who are tiring of Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” ¬†Friday nights on Fox, may check out the Bourdain offering for a change of pace.

Whether Shark Tank moves to Tuesday night permanently or not, the show will go on. It’s a proven hit that is taking on a life of its own. I for one, will still watch. What do you think of Shark Tank moving to Tuesday night?

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  1. Please can that annoying voice over that started with tonight’s episode!

  2. bill murphy says

    We love Shark Tank!! In Panama City, Rep de Panama we only get reruns,,,Panama people need 2 learn entreprenural skills & Shark Tank is a Real motivator!! bill ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. John Gallagher, Jr. Managing Member @ Dent-Chew Brush, LLC says

    Tuesday night!!!! Please say its not true!!

  4. Shark tank it’s a good show but I cent go in to this show.i come from Israel for this show and no one answer to me from this show or the office show.i try and try and no one.

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