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Vade Protein Powder Pods

vadeVade means “to vanish” in Latin and that’s what this product does. The protein powder pods are the creation of former MSU wrestler Joe Johnson and his wife – a former Arizona State cheerleader, Meghan. They’re a couple of athletes and they keep in great shape. They also drink a lot of protein shakes at the gym while working out.

Like most good entrepreneurs, they saw a problem that needed to be solved. Protein powder for protein shakes usually comes in big jars. They’re bulky, use a lot of needless packaging, and they make a mess. Scooping powder into a shake container can be a messy and cumbersome affair while on the go.

That’s where Vade comes in. Think of it as a Tide pod, but with protein shake powder inside. The protein pod’s “wrapper” disappears when dropped in water. Since each serving is already in its own “container,” it’s a lot easier to carry around, plus there’s no measuring and pouring. Just plop a Vade pod into water and you’re good to go.

They only started the business a short time ago – mid 2016, but they have a good network of athletes using and touting the product. Vade pods are patent pending, too. Since they cost about the same as regular protein powder, it shouldn’t be too hard a sell to consumers. The question is, will Sharks want to bid or make the Johnsons vanish?

My Take on Vade

I don’t drink protein shakes, so I’m not a Vade customer. I know plenty of people who do and when I reached out to a few of them about the concept, they liked it. From a convenience standpoint alone, it’s a good idea. As long as Vade doesn’t cost too much more than other protein powders, they should easily find their market.

What I like is the packaging. Everyone knows about Tide pods. Dishwasher detergent is sold in a similar way. Vade is the first “edible” use I’ve seen with this type of packaging, but single serve foods or drink mixes could be sold this way for a lot of items. I think the packaging alone is enough for me to be in.

Will Sharks Shake Up a Deal for Vade?

Nutrition products are big in the Tank this season, including the keto cookies presented in the same episode. I find it ironic that two nutrition products appear when A-Rod is on the panel as he owns a bunch of gyms that could distribute them. Once again, there is a tie-in with a product getting pitched in this episode with the update segment, IceShaker. A-Rod, along with Mark, invested in IceShaker last season. What better product to invest in as a compliment to IceShaker than something to put in it? I’m thinking they may team up again on this one.

Mark is also familiar with the dissolving pod “technology.” In season seven, Mark invested in NOHBO, shampoo, soap and toothpaste with a similar dissolving membrane. I’m thinking that unless there are big skeletons in the closet with this business, they are leaving with a deal from Mark, with or without A-Rod.

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