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Lifter Hamper Marvin Philip Episode 404

Lifter Hamper inventor and entrepreneur Marvin Philip suffers from low back pain as a result of injuries sustained while playing football for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, and Buffalo Bills. His pain and limited mobility caused him to seek out a solution for hampers that make you bend over to take out dirty laundry. His patented Lifter Hamper has a bungee-like material that raises the clothes up from the bottom of the hamper as you remove the clothes at the top – eliminating the need to bend over. As of taping, Marvin hadn't put the Lifter Hamper on the market.

Lifter Hamper Shark Tank Recap

Marvin came into the Shark Tank seeking an  $85k investment for 12% of Lifter Hamper.  Lori appears interested and asks to see it a bit closer. Mr. Wonderful doesn't like the valuation, so he goes out. Mark likes the product and claims he does all his own laundry, but he's not the right partner for Marvin; he's out too. Robert thinks it's too early to invest, so he's out too. Daymond is also out. Lori likes the product, but finds some flaws. She thinks the wheels aren't big or functional enough. She thinks Marvin is only halfway there, so she goes out, but she tells Marvin to give her a call when he has the business moving further along.

Lifter Hamper Shark Tank Update

The lifter Hamper promptly sold out of product on the night the episode first aired. Marvin ran two crowd funding campaigns on Indie GoGo, raising a little over $16K. Since that time, availability has been spotty. Their website got a make-over and they are listed on Amazon again. Product begins shipping in March, 2013, so all those eager Lifter Hamper fans will be able to get their hands on one!

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