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One Sole Shoes

one sole shoesDominique McClain Barteet brings her product, One Sole Shoes, to episode 208 of the Shark Tank. Barteet began her career as a pharmacist. After buying several of the same pair of shoes in various colors, she decided there had to be a better way to love her shoes without investing hundreds in multiple similar pairs just to get different colors.

She began experimenting with solutions, and hit upon One Sole Shoes, a shoe with interchangeable pieces, allowing the wearer to change the style and color of their footwear quickly and easily. One Sole has particular appeal for travelers. Multiple tops for each sole allows women to carry as many pairs of shoes as they like without taking up valuable luggage space. Barteet’s early success has created a strong brand that should catch the Sharks’ interest.

One Sole Shoes Shark Tank Recap

Barteet comes to the Sharks seeking $500,000 for 20% equity in her company. She gives a brief demonstration of the shoes, and invites Barbara Corcoran to try a pair on. Corcoran calls the shoes “heaven,” clearly impressed with the comfort.

Kevin O’Leary questions the valuation of the company, until he hears that Barteet has over $20 million in sales, and that her product is in 30 countries. The current year’s sales are over $4 million, and her profits are clearing $1 million a year. She has patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Barteet has come to the Shark Tank looking for a partner. She doesn’t feel she has the proper contacts and distribution network to take One Sole Shoes fully into the retail market. The Sharks are impressed by her numbers.

Kevin O’Leary wants to know if she’d consider selling the entire business. It’s clear that she’s piqued the Sharks’ interest. Robert Herjavec makes the first offer. He’s willing to go in for $100,000 for 10% of the business, if Daymond John, Kevin Harrington, Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran will each come in for an additional $100,000 and 10% each. Before Barteet can respond, Daymond John offers $500,000 for 35%, cutting the other Sharks out of the deal.

Barbara Corcoran declines to make an offer, saying that the company would take too much of her time. Kevin O’Leary offers to buy the company outright, selling it to recoup the investment and make them both rich. Barteet turns him down.

Kevin Harrington and Robert Herjavec make one more attempt, offering $500,000 split between the two of them for 50% of the company. With two offers on the table, Barteet accepts Daymond John’s deal for $500,000 in exchange for 35% of the company. She’s got herself a Shark deal, and a partner in her One Sole business.

One Sole Shoes Shark Tank Update

Since accepting the Shark deal, Barteet has taken her brand to a whole new level. One Sole Shoes is now an internationally known brand and Barteet’s days of running a mail order pharmacy and running her shoe business out of the back room are long behind her. These days, she spends her time encouraging other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams, and has even been known to invest her own profits into newly budding businesses. She’s gone from One Sole to success, with a little help from the Sharks.

Recently, Dominique’s been seeking to license One Sole Shoes or sell the business outright. She’s looking to cash in on her wildly successful business and retire in comfort.

As of January, 2023, the company is still in business. When she finally does retire, Dominique should be all set: the company does $6 million in revenue yearly.

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  1. Hiromi Celis says

    I thought that One Sole Shoes was a great concept. I then went to order some shoes online and had and am still having the most terrible experience. I ordered shoes about 2 months ago and had to return as the shoes on sale were defective (the black rubber was rubbing off just by rubbing your hand on the shoe) and the full retail priced shoe just did not fit my feet. The covers were a bit loose so actually are not fit for me.

    I emailed, a couple of times, to [email protected] to advise of the situation and what I would be able to do as one pair of shoes were non-refundable which was understood if the shoes were not defective. I also called but noone picked up the line. I then shipped back the shoes with the shipping list and letter enclosed in the box. I have still not received a reply or refund. I emailed again and still have not heard back from anyone.

    This is outrageous and terrible customer service and I do feel that it places a bad name to the investors at Shark Tank as well since it was endorsed by one of your brilliant members.

    I am writing this so others can see and not order this product as if it does not fit and you try to return the product, you will not hear back from anyone and also you will not receive your money back.

    From order # 100011585 – ($87.94 + return shipping cost of about $20.)

    Thank you for your time and reading my concerns.

  2. I also tried to return the shoes that I ordered online and did not receive any refund. The shoes were not comfortable at all, at least for me. I shiped them back, paid for shipping and it’s been 2 months and no refund. Nobody answers any of the phone numbers listed on their website. Unbelievable!!

  3. Wish I had read these reviews sooner. I just received my order. The soles (non-refundable) are disintegrating right under my feet leaving crumbly black smudges on my feet, ruining the top, and leaving crumbs on the carpet. Have only worn them once and only for about 3 hours. (Probably my last time too!) Really really disappointed!!! Have called them (no answer) and now reading these reviews guess I won’t be expecting one either.

  4. The one sole website should be shut down. My father ordered about $80 of product for moms Christmas gift. They never arrived. Apparently in sending them they didn’t bother to put the complete mailing address on the package according to the post office. (They showed me the label). It was just the number of the house, city, state and zip code. That’s it. It was returned to sender. Of course I’ve received no email response from the company and the numbers are no longer in service. Dad is out of his money and mom didn’t get Christmas gift. This is a shame and the fact that the website is still processing transactions (ripping people off) is really quite terrible. Shark Tank should also be ashamed to promote such a bogus company. Reporting to the BBB. Be warned people. Stay away.

  5. Patti Bowen says

    I bought a pair with 2 extra changes and absolutely love them. Thanks Shark Tank, Damon and Dominique!

  6. I was one step away from completing my order when I read these reviews. Whew~ I’m bummed because it is a great concept, but relieved that I didn’t waste my money. Thanks!

  7. Cathy McMahon says

    I wish I had read the reviews before I purchased online. I could not find any information on returns so I went on Onesole chat and asked about the return process. I was given just an address of 1209 Gateway Road, Lake Park FL which is a distribution center. There is not a customer service to speak with at all. I would suggest not buying online. So now I have spent $62 and can not return the shoes. Very Unhappy.

  8. Patricia Miele says

    I purchased a brown set including the sole and it came with 2 tops. I
    Purchased while on vacation in St. Thomas. Best purchase I ever
    Made. They are very comfortable and I ordered additional tops.
    8 sets along with the storage bag. Best thing I ever did for my feet.
    Style and comfort and I also used a 40% discount code for the
    Re-order. I purchase the ordinal set in January 2023. Website is

  9. Andrea Fared says

    Anyone who can’t get help from a company, can contact their credit card company and file a dispute of the payment. If the company answers they may be able to resolve the problem. If the company doesn’t answer, generally you’ll get your purchase refunded.

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