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The Spatty by Cheryl Rigdon

The Spatty dips in the Shark Tank this Friday night on ABC. Created by Easley, South Carolina resident Cheryl Rigdon, the Spatty is a spatula-like tool specifically designed for removing the last bit of make-up, lotion, even condiments, from bottles and jars. If you’ve ever tossed away a bottle or jar that still had plenty of product inside and wished you could get the stuff that sticks to the sides or is too tough to get out because of odd-shaped containers, then the Spatty is just the thing for you.

What does the Spatty do?

The Spatty in action

As you can see from the photo, The Spatty allows you to get into a container and scrape out that last bit of product, so there’s no waste. The Spatty can be used for anything from hand cream to mustard. It’s companion product, The Spatty Daddy, is a larger version for bigger containers.

The invention is a true “necessity is the mother of invention” type of product. Cheryl Rigdon got frustrated one night while applying make-up. She was down to the last bit in the jar and just couldn’t get it out. She finally gave up, but she started searching for a product to scrape stuff out of make-up bottles; there wasn’t anything, so she made one! Her husband came up with the name “Spatty” because it looks like a mini spatula. The idea for a larger Spatty Daddy followed.

Both Spatty products could save consumers a considerable amount of money. Who hasn’t thrown out a bottle or jar with product still stuck inside? Imagine how much money you could save if you could get the last bit out?  Since it will be USDA-FDA approved, it’s OK for food too. I have always had a love/hate relationship with Gulden’s Mustard. I love the stuff, but it comes in this crazy shaped jar that you just can’t get all of it out- it drives me NUTS! With a Spatty (I WANT ONE), I could get every last bit of Gulden’s out of the jar. I think this is a great idea!

Cheryl Rigdon initially was marketing the Spatty on Edison Nation, and she applied to be on the Shark Tank. She was chosen to appear and taped her segment in July. The Spatty is currently hand-made and is not available for purchase, but that could change very soon if Ms. Rigdon is successful in her Shark Tank pitch.

Will the Sharks bite?

This is one of those common sense, “why didn’t I think of that” inventions that comes along and makes you wonder why someone didn’t invent it a long time ago. The business is in start-up mode, so they won’t be able to demonstrate sales. Their patent is pending, but if they have a good patent attorney working for them, this shouldn’t be a huge issue. It is going to be a pitch where the sharks must like the idea, see the potential, and like Rigdon on a personal level. Valuation is out the window on this deal, it’s a purely speculative venture.

This seems to have Lori Greiner written all over it. It’s a low cost item that is easily mass produced, it would fit well with the many cosmetic items sold on QVC, and it’s a product easily demonstrated on TV. Lori could bring a lot of value to the Spatty. They are taking “pre-orders” and they state “Spatty and Spatty Daddy are currently being mass-produced.” This tells me someone partners with them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Spatty on QVC Saturday morning. I am “IN!”

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  1. Jeff Geroux says

    Love your idea and bout a prototype to get food out of a jar like mayonnaise..peanut butter..spegetti sauce etc.

    • Thank you! That is one of the uses for them. I talked about them being used for that, but that part got edited out. They are currently being mass produced and will be FDA, USDA approved materials.

  2. No way! Having this EXACT issue today and was about to either invent something similar or go back to my compound pharmacy and tell them to change the packaging. I’ve tried straws, knives, etc to scrape the – completely viable- product the pump doesn’t reach. Thanks for doing the work for me- there IS a need for it, the Sharks should have taken a chance and I will GLADLY purchase this product whenever it goes to market.
    33, F

  3. Where can I get this product? What a fabulous idea … So tired of wasting money throwing away bottles with product left.

  4. Monica Owens says

    I would love to talk to you after seeing you on the sharks about your spatty and spatty daddy. If interested please contact mr back at myo@ and my name is Monica.

  5. Dana Walker says

    OMG!!! I was just talking to my co-worker today saying someone needs to invent something to suck the last of my hand cream out of the bottle. I’m too cheap and so are my friends to through it out. So we bang on it or turn it upside down until we can get the last drop. I can’t belive no one would help the poor girl out. I would love to have one. So now I’m going to recearch how to buy one from her.

  6. Great idea! I actually thought someone needed to invent something like this awhile ago. I hate that you can’t get all of the product out and have to throw so much away! Good for you on actually doing it! I want this! The sharks were stupid for not helping you, this will be big!

  7. Dennis Mahon says

    I enjoyed your presentation. You are exactly what appeals to small entreprenuers everwhere. I will be your customer.

  8. Sabrina Mclaughlin says

    I need this i want this! And when i spend $100.00 on an eye cream i want my 17% i can’t get!! Ive tried everything. This is awesome!! Plz when will be for sale? Id pay more than what was talked about on Shark Tank!! FANTASTIC IDEA!!!!! Sabrina Mclaugjlin

  9. LOVED YOUR IDEA !!! I hate that I cant get all the product out of my foundation bottles!! I’ve tried qtips , not very helpful!! I would def buy you product!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shark Tank missed out!!!

  10. Cheryl, I love the product! It really speaks to me. For years and years I’ve wished I could find a product that does what your Spatty does! I’ve love to see the Spatty made available, not only through Avon, Mary Kay, but in all the major drugstore chains displayed in the cosmetic department.

    Cheryl, I wish I had conections that would help grow your business. But, I can volunteer my time. Time to help you “be in two places at the same time” or whatever. The only compensation I’d be interested in is to be able to buy the Spatty.

    Good luck, Cheryl! You’ve created a product and filled a need that women everywhere have been waiting for.

  11. Suzanne Capko says

    I love the Spatty Daddy product & can’t wait to buy some !

  12. theoldstoryteller says

    I want to order 4 sets! I couldn’t find you on E-Bay? How does one contact you Mrs. Rigdon? Great Christmas gift idea!

  13. Donna Nunamaker says

    Best of luck with your product! I can’t imagine every woman not wanting this great little tool! Hope my order went through, seems like PayPal was having some difficulties tonight….must be the volume of sales!

  14. To quote two previous posts: OMG and No Way! I actually threw away a bottle of lotion today with enough still left in the bottom, that I could have made use for another week it seemed. And trust, I was shaking it, slamming it upside down on my palm, adding a tiny bit of water even… and this was just for Jergens, not some $50 bottle of make-up.

    When I saw your episode tonight, I not only saw use for cosmetics & condiments but a multitide of household, mechanical and art/craft related scenarios. I too am interested in buying a couple sets and will be looking for a way to do so after posting this.

  15. I hope you get this product made. I will buy this product. Had an idea for you- if you market this product towards food products as well (getting mayo, mustard, spaghetti sauce out of the bottom of their jars), try to get it in stores like William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and Sur La Table. Also, Bed Bath & Beyond. Wonder if makeup stores like Ulta and Sephora would sell it? Just some thoughts. Good luck!!

    • One of the uses of the Spatty Daddy is to get food products out of containers, but this part was edited out. I am going to look into those stores. Thank you for your suggestions.

  16. William Winegar says

    Saw the spatty on Shark Tank, I think its incredible and its so useful. I want to order several but don’t know how. How can I get some of both??? Thank you

  17. I love The Spatty and I found the website where I can buy some. Great idea! Ive needed one of these for years!

    • Thank You for the info. – Seen episode tonight and I immediately was able to relate. On small jars I use a Q-tip to reach in but sometimes it’s messy. This is a much needed invention, I’m surprized Lori Grenier didn’t go for it. She could have offered it as a larger set on QVC making it worth paying s/h or why couldn’t it be a free s/h, they do that alot. She made a bad move, because I’m buying some on the site you mentioned. Thanks Again! 🙂

      • I tried Q-tips as well. The Q-tip just soaked up my makeup though and then I would get strings on my face from the cotton. It was horrable. I thought Lori was going to go for it too.

    • You are going love it.

  18. I will buy this product when available. Right now I use chop sticks to get into the bottles.

  19. Where do I buy. I love it. I have 5 name brand foundations that at almost empty.

  20. Watched you on Shark Tank and really thought someone would help you.nYou have a great product. I to would like to purchase 4 sets (1of each)… Please get back to me.

    Thank You and Good Luck

  21. I used to work within the cosmetic industry, and I actually received something similar from one of the buyers. It’s called the makeup miser. I thought it was genius when I got it!

    • I looked up the makeup miser. I obviously think my Spatty and Spatty Daddy is better. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are shaped like a spatula so it is able to get into corners easily, and cleans the product off the sides and bottom of containers with so much ease, and it is extremely easy to get the product off of the Spatty and onto whatever surface you are putting the product on. The makeup miser tip, since it is shaped like a cup, seems like it would be difficult to get into corners of containers and difficult to get the product out of the cup shape tip. The Spatty Daddy is also longer than any of the makeup misers. The length of the Spatty Daddy is what makes it perfect for lotions, food products, shampoos, etc.

  22. Tiffany Smith says

    Hey everyone! There are several products like this on the market already! I just recently purchased a product called the beauty spoon. It’s a tool used to remove cosmetics from product bottles!

    • The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are different and better in my opinion in the same way that I listed above regarding the makeup miser.

  23. Shark Tank missed a big one here! I think they are too rich to waste their time getting the last 17% out of a lotion or foundation bottle. But the rest of us want to and are frustrated to pound the lotion bottle on our hand to get what is a lot of product out. I think you have something HUGE here. I will buy it for sure! The only reason the cosmetic companies wouldn’t want to market it is because they don’t want to admit that their packaging is inferior and product is wasted. They want it to be wasted because they sell more product that way. Keep up the good work Cheryl!

  24. Kyra Kilian says

    I have turned bottles of hair product upside down over a cup and left it for a week and nothing comes out! It’s so frustrating! Thank you for inventing this! I can’t wait for them to be ready!
    You did a great job and love your SC accent! I’m originally from Charleston!

  25. Phyllis Tumlinson says

    I love Shark Tank & your idea is one of the best yet. I’m an idea person & wished I would have thought of it myself. I use a long handled eye makeup brush. Last week, I worked for several days to get the bottom 1″ of a thick hand lotion out of the bottle. Lori missed the boat. I understand the marketing & shipping charges. Package it in a set of three – baby, mama & daddy & do it yourself. If you need any help in learning about doing trade shows – email me at [email protected]. I have done them for about 15 years with the line we manufactured. Don’t get discouraged – you have a winner.

    • I want to get into going to trade shows. I was looking up information on it before Shark Tank aired and was having difficulty in finding out how to sell at the shows. I will be contacting you. Thanks.

  26. Thank you all for your comments. I am trying to replay to the mass e-mails and comments as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience. I plan on commenting back to everyone’s post.

  27. The shipping exceeds the cost of the product when you order it from the Spatty website–$5 each for the Spatty & Spatty Daddy. They should sell it on Amazon so Prime customers can get free shipping, unless where most of their profit comes in. The high shipping cost is the reason QVC won’t carry it, and the reason I didn’t buy it.

    • People have mentioned getting it on Amazon. I am planning on putting it on Amazon, but I have to wait until I have the mass produced products on hand.

      • The shipping should not exceed the cost of the products. The shipping is $1.99 in the U.S. Where are you ordering from?

  28. This is most awesome idea that they’ve ever shown on Shark Tank. Cheryl, I love it! I want one…! no ……. last week. Oh the money I have thrown away over the years. I hope to get an email soon with info on where I can get my hands on “some”. Yes, SOME. Not only would I like to have several for myself but I would love to have several on hand to give as gifts.
    Again, great idea Cheryl and I really hope to hear from you soon!
    Michele Z

    • All this is, is a copy of the makeupmiser. Not the first either.

      • I have never heard of the makupmiser until I read the comments on this post. I think the market is big enough for both. Almost every product has another product out there like it. Ours are quite different in shape, length, and functionality.

    • I know what you mean. I have thrown away so much money as well. I am a penny pincher 🙂

  29. Love your product Cheryl, can’t believe Lori Grenier didn’t jump on this! I see that you are currently being mass produced-how did you manage this? How long til the Spatty is available?

  30. Cheryl, I love your product! Those Sharks sure missed out on a great idea. I stopped wearing makeup five years ago because I couldn’t stand tossing away so much leftover makeup (because makeup is SO expensive!). Now I look forward to purchasing the Spatty and Spatty Daddy for ALL my lotions, shampoo, soaps, mayo jars, etc, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful product. Best of luck to you!

  31. Michelle S says

    Love the concept, but not the spatty product or name (looks cheap). There are better products currently on the market. Google the beauty spoon! They are offering 2 beauty tools, free shipping, plus 2 beauty jars with every order on their website! And you can get it now!

    • The pictures on the website are of the handmade products. So they look handmade. But the mass produced products will not look cheap. I understand you are the maker of another version. The market is big enough for us both. Ours are also completely different. I wish the best for you and your company.

  32. I am so impressed with your spatty! Its a money saver and its simple. May I make one suggestion? How about making it into the bottom of all pumps so its always convenient? That way u won’t have to look for an individual spatty when your supply gets low? Also it will prevent cross contamination. Just a thought…….and I’m buying many spatties for XMAS!!!

  33. I love your idea!! As soon as I saw it on Sharktank ,I said “I need one of those…I’d buy one right now!”
    I can’t believe that none of them would help you. Well, their loss…you are going to be very successful, I believe. You go girl!!

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