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doormanTech Entrepreneur and Wharton MBA Zander Adell pitches Doorman, a scheduled package delivery service, in Shark Tank episode 611. Doorman solves a problem that’s grown with the increase in online shopping: getting packages delivered while someone is at home.

Today, if you order something online, it will get delivered during the day – most likely while you’re at work. If you live in the suburbs, the package will be left on the front steps or on the porch. If you live in the city and your building doesn’t have a doorman to accept packages, you’ll get one of those slips and you’ll have to schlep off to a pick-up location.

Doorman solves the problem of going to retrieve packages or the even worse problem of stolen packages. With Doorman, when you order something online, you give your Doorman address and the package is delivered there. Then, you schedule a delivery time (6 AM – midnight) that’s convenient for you and the Doorman folks will drop your package off on your schedule.

Pricing is modest: $3.99 for a single package, $19.99 for the silver package with unlimited deliveries, and $29.99 for the gold package with unlimited deliveries and returns. The service is designed for city dwellers and currently operates in San Francisco. Adell has plans to expand to New York and Chicago in 2015.

Doorman likely needs a Shark to help fuel growth. Will a Shark deliver an investment for Doorman?

Doorman Shark Tank Recap

Zander enters seeking $250K for 10%. He explains the pain points and business model, then the questions start. Robert asks about the pricing. They currently have 300 customers on the platform in only a few month. Kevin thinks FedEx and UPS could add this service. Zander wants to have buttons on shopping sites that shoppers can click if they want the option.

Lori loves the idea, but she has a doorman and is curious how he’ll scale it. Robert wants to know customer acquisition costs, Zander says it’s $37. When he says Chicago is the next city, Lori gets excited. Barbara proposes all the Sharks go in on the deal for $250K for 20%; Robert Lori and Barbara are in. Zander counters with $250K for 12% and Robert says he’ll do it on his own. Barbara is out unless it’s 20%. Lori counters with $250K for 15% with her and Lori. Zander does the deal with Robert at $250K for 12%.

RESULT: DEAL with Robert at $250K for 12%

Doorman Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. This company went out of business in December, 2017. As of August, 2021, Zander is Head of Development at Magnesium film.

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