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EmergenseePhil Reitnour and Jason D. Friedberg introduce the Sharks to EmergenSee, a smart phone personal security system, in Shark Tank episode 604. EmergenSee allows users to alert a pre-selected group of people at the touch of a button. The app also instantly puts smart phones in “stealth” mode, so as not to attract attention in dangerous situations. Once activated, live streaming audio and video from your phone is sent to your contacts and a GPS locator alerts them of your location. All live audio and video is stored in remote servers so it can be retrieved for evidence at a later time.

The app is free, but if you want to be connected to the 24/7 professional monitoring station, you pay $8.99 per month. If you choose this option, the professional monitors will immediately alert first responders where you are and what is happening. You can even store medical information for first responders should you be incapacitated when they arrive.

EmergenSee partners with many college campuses and campus police departments which are immediately alerted directly once an incident is created. It’s currently the number one personal security app and is endorsed by Verizon Wireless. Additional features include stealth texting once an incident is activated and a personal concierge service that lets you set a time for return from a potentially dangerous situation like going for a run alone at night. If you don’t de-activate EmergenSee, an alert is sent out.

EmergenSee is gaining a lot of customers on college campuses and is partnering with city law enforcement departments. Other users include Realtors, large corporations, individuals, and government agencies. They’re likely looking for cash to expand sales and marketing.

Can EmergenSee create an incident with a Shark?

EmergenSee Shark Tank Recap

Phil and Jason enter seeking $250K for 10% of the business. They explain the service and explain how they’ve set up their own call center. Next, they roll a video that shows the app in action. Then the questions start.

Mark says their call center is like a security firm. Barbara asks why people can’t just dial 911, and Jason explains their app provides more information, in part due to their technology and in part due to antiquated 911 systems. There are currently 211,000 people using the app, but they’ve only just rolled out the premium service when they taped.

The enterprise version, which they sell to colleges, costs $25K per year, but they only have $185K in total sales. Phil’s invested $3 million of his own money; he outsourced the app development and paid over $$2.5 million to the developers. Mark thinks they don’t know the technology well enough – he’s out. Barbara doesn’t have the faith the business will work, she’s out. Mr. Wonderful wishes them luck, but he’s out too. Lori likes the product but doesn’t think it’s being executed properly; she’s out too.

Robert thinks they started with too much money and tells a story of how he poured a lot of money into a losing venture. Robert thinks they need technology guys in leadership positions; he’s out too. The result: NO DEAL.

EmergenSee Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Emergensee never lived up to its potential promise and the company is out of business. In a tragic turn of events, co-founder Phil Reitnour was found dead in the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia in October, 2017, the victim of a single gunshot wound to the forehead. Mr. Reitnour was apparently $3 million in debt and being sued by creditors. Read more here.

In 2019, a Long Island woman named Maureen Mitchell sued Reitnour’s children claiming he owed her $6.1 million and that he used some of her money to pay for their college, a $1.35 million IRS debt and some life insurance policies. She claims Reitnour hid her debt to obtain other financing and the children owed her their life insurance payments. In September, the suit was dismissed by the United States District Court Eastern District of New York.

The company is out of business.

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