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GoGo Gear Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 3

episode 306 gogo gearIn episode 306, the Sharks meet Arlene Battishill and Desiree Estrada  who come to the Shark Tank with GoGo Gear. The gear is designed to protect motorcycle riders in case of an accident. The reinforced pieces are designed as protective gear primarily for women riders (they have men’s fashions too), but with a fashionable look. These are not your typical fringed-leather motorcycle jackets. The pieces have been created with fashion in mind, and can be worn either on or off the bike.

The safety features like reflective fabric are cleverly hidden when the wearer isn’t riding, and the Kevlar reinforcements are sewn inside the lining, making it impossible to tell the GoGo Gear apart from fashionable pieces of apparel from an upscale European boutique. Will the Sharks invest in these intrepid entrepreneur’s business, or will these motorcycle gals be taken for a ride?

GoGo Gear Shark Tank Recap

The ladies ride into the Shark Tank, seeking $300,000, in return for 15% equity in GoGo Gear. They come in wearing typical “biker gear,” and explain that, in 2008, when they lost their positions in corporate America, they decided to start a clothing line that would be better suited for professionals who enjoy riding motorcycles. The ladies then shed their biker jackets to reveal their stylish GoGo Gear protective outerwear, earning oohs and ahs from the Sharks.

Kevin O’Leary wants to know about sales. Battashill responds that they had $172,000 in sales in the past year. The GoGo Gear is in 25 retail specialty motorcycle and scooter stores. Mark Cuban wants to know what their plans are going forward. “Show me that I can trust you with my money,” he tells the ladies. “What are you going to do with the money?”

Battashill’s answer, that they intend to take the line to the European market, brings derision from the Shark. Cuban tells them it’s a “horrible” idea for them to go to Europe. He believes that they should concentrate on the US market, building the business in America before trying to go international.

Who’s In?

Kevin O’Leary is out based on the valuation of the company, at $2 million. When the pair tries to argue about the valuation, the Sharks shout them down. Mark Cuban calls the pair “cockroaches” in comparison to the large companies within the industry and says that, without a “laser-focused” marketing plan, they’ll be crushed. He’s out. Barbara Corcoran believes the pair is far too optimistic about their company’s value. She’s out. Robert Herjavec agrees with Cuban. He’s out

Only Daymond John remains. In order to entice John, the Estrada offers a higher equity. While the pair consult, Robert Herjavec talks John into letting him come into the deal, since he knows the motorcycle business and John knows the fashion business. The partners return and offer a 50% equity. John and Herjavec ask for a higher offer. Estrada offers 55%, and Herjavec refuses. John is willing to accept the 55%, but Herjavec stands firm. Batashill raises the equity stake to 65%. Even with the higher equity, Herjavec remains out. At the last-minute, John decides he’s in. GoGoGear gets a Shark deal.

GoGo Gear Shark Tank Update

The ladies left the Shark Tank bleeding from the wounds Cuban and Herjavec inflicted with their harsh response to the valuation and marketing plan, but they got the deal they needed with Daymond John. With a downturn in the economy, the partners agreed mutually with John to reduce manufacturing and ride out the recession. Daymond never wrote a check, but acted as an adviser initially. With the market strengthening, they are once again manufacturing their GoGo Gear products, and expanding retail sales. The profits are go-going up!

In April, 2020, the company announced that Arlene and Desiree would not be drawing salaries during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns which were particularly harsh in California. Fast forward to October, 2023, and they are still in business doing $3 million in annual revenue.

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  1. Mike Woodard says

    Cuban and Herjavec were very rude to these ladies. Yes, they were ‘spacey’ but, in my opinion, those guys went too far. Money doesn’t buy you the right to treat even spacey people with dreams, who aren’t as experienced, in that manner. Very surprised that Robert treated them so. Even a little so with Cuban. Mr. Wonderful is almost always a prickly dude.

    Damon saw they were weak, didn’t shame them, and I hope Damon makes a bunch with these guys!

  2. alystar mckenneh says

    They weren’t bikers. They did not have a product that is going to take care of their skin when they slide down the pavement on their arms and chest, and I thought Damon was crazy for working with them. It looked and smelled bad.

  3. Bobbi Oh says

    As of right now – The women’s Kevlar leggings are spreading through women’s riding groups like wildfire. The leggings are so popular that every size is takes 2-3 weeks before they ship. I’ll also add that the leggings are fantastic.

  4. The episode was produce by Ken Fuchs LOL.

  5. Rick Anthony Junior IV says

    Uhhh thank you everyone. I had no idea I love the product and Mr. Wonderful. And Damon for having a profound connection to ONE of these ladies. I won’t specify which one. That is for you all to decide.

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